Smart People, Smart Place: City Partners with WAZE to Make Drive Through Plano Easier

The City of Plano is working with the creators of the WAZE app to speed up the drive through Plano. City engineers are now updating WAZE providing locations of road construction and traffic. This crucial information will help the app users better navigate Plano.

Plano has been a member of WAZE Connected Citizen Program since summer of 2017. The WAZE application provides a platform for drivers to share information such as traffic congestion and accidents, and use this information to provide better navigation. Because they rely on accurate and timely data, they created the Connected Citizens Program, which works with local governments from around the world to collect (or even help create) data feeds including planned road closures, locations of parking lots, and speed limits on roads.

In return for the data about our roads, Waze shares anonymous, aggregated crowdsourced data reported by the community including traffic congestion and hazard information at no cost. We are learning how to use this data to improve travel for drivers. We believe using this crowdsourced data will aid us in improving mobility in Plano.

The partnership with WAZE is the City’s latest Smart City initiative. Smart Cities are urban areas that use an array of technology to electronically collect information to manage community services, from transportation to finding lost pets. Smart City tools are designed to improve the efficiency of City operations and services and simplify residents’ daily lives. Smart City initiatives can not only enhance the quality, performance and interactivity of services, they can reduce costs and increase contact between residents and their government.


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