Small Business in Cache Valley: How To Receive The Recognition You Deserve

Small Businesses In Cache Valley Need Recognition

Let’s face it Cache Valley, we are a small community, but we are growing. That growth however is in Big Business, it’s seen in Large National Commercial Companies taking advantage of our comparably low real-estate costs in order to build manufacturing facilities.

While that’s not completely bad, it’s not completely good either. The growth we are experiencing is not where it is needed most:



  • Is it The Economy
  • Is it Local Government

It could be a lot of reasons… but IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE!

If you are a Small Business Owner in Cache Valley you have felt the “Pinch” lately,.. and you know that our recession is going to get worse before it gets better. So,….


Simply put, you have to accept change! But what kind of change is good, and what kind of change is bad?

  • Does a business constantly have to reinvent themselves?
  • Does a business owner have to reinvest money they don’t have?
  • Should Small Business try to mimic Big Business?

NO, NO, and NO!
The Power of Small Business is that it is agile,.. it has the agility that the Big Boys don’t have and more importantly if a business is willing to adhere to “The Principals of Good Business” then they can Conquer the Big Boys,.. by becoming a “Local Area Authority” one who is recognized as being a “Local Area Expert”.

This is the kind of recognition that Big Companies just can’t receive. They just don’t understand it, they don’t get it, and they will never have it. But “WHAT IS IT?” and “HOW DO YOU GET IT?”

That,.. is exactly the question you should be asking as a Small Business Owner!

Great Customers come from Great Customer Service, and Great Customers are willing to refer people to you, but how does a potential customer know or RECOGNIZE you or your company as a Good, Honest, Business Partner?

It’s not like there is a sign you can put up yourself, besides people hate it when someone “Toots their own horn.” Wouldn’t it be easy if there were a sign, or a badge that could give someone that “Third-Party Reference,” but unfortunately there isn’t……. UNTIL NOW

Real life University aka School of Hard Knocks

These two names are one and the same. They are the brain children of Tom Fairbanks, a Small Business Developer in Cache Valley who holds free seminars on a regular basis. These Seminars and Meetings are designed to help Small Businesses in Cache Valley thrive, and that’s exactly what he is doing. Tom and his associates, using the Principals of Good Business, are helping Small Business owners Create Value, Gain Visibility, Drive Internet Traffic, and Gain Reputation right here in Cache Valley.

To learn more about their services, visit them online at GraphiXpress.Net or CacheValleyPrint.Com and HonorCopy.Com

–The views expressed are the fundamental insights of Sean Nathan Ricks (the author) who is an independent marketing consultant with GraphiXpress Network in Smithfield and Logan, Utah which owns and operates Cache Valley Print and Honor Copy in Brigham City, Utah. They offer Website Development, Graphics and Marketing Services along with a full range color and black & white (standard or wide format) copies & print, digital scans & archiving, direct marketing & mailings, administrative and other business services.


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