Slavery Alive Worldwide

Throughout the history of the world there have been people who have preyed on their fellowmen. There have always been those who have enslaved others and have treated them as bad or worse than they would treat animals. Today's villians include all those who enslave children and adults worldwide.

Children are routinely sold into the sex slave trade in poor countries. Many of them are just babies when they are sold. Their life becomes a hell that civilized people would not want to even imagine.

There are groups that are working to free these slaves (and save others before they become slaves). One such group, Operation Underground Railroad, can be found at https://ourrescue.org/.  Their efforts are finding success. They are worthy of support. If your heart goes out to those who are suffering lives of unspeakable horror trapped as slaves, you may wish to donate to this excellent group.

Recently a movie has been produced that documents some of the work this group is doing around the world. The movie is called: "The Abolitionists".  (see:  www.theabolitionistsmovie.com).  It has been produced by the Academy Award Winning Producer Gerald R. Molen who produced Schindlers List and Jurassic Park and has worked on many other acclaimed and well known moveis.  Everyone should see this movie in order to understand better the problem and to learn what can be done about it.

If you've been reading my articles you know that I consider myself an abolitionist.  I  hope that you too are against slavery and involuntary servitude. If we all do a little to end the terrible injustice of slavery we can  make a lasting impact for good.

See: "Are You An Abolitionist?"


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