SimScale Releases a GPU-Based Lattice Boltzmann Solver with an Unparalleled Combination of Accuracy and Speed

announces the groundbreaking release of a brand-new GPU-based solver
using the Lattice-Boltzmann method (LBM), which pairs high accuracy with
unparalleled speed and is accessible via cloud. Partnering with Numeric
Systems GmbH to develop this innovative feature through their tool
Pacefish®, the cloud-based simulation company has reduced running times
for transient simulations from weeks and days to hours and minutes.

Developed by Numeric Systems GmbH, Pacefish® is a completely new
implementation of the Lattice-Boltzmann method (LBM) tailored to the
massively-parallel architecture of GPUs. Its ability to efficiently run
on multiple GPUs in parallel enables turnaround times that are 20-30x
shorter than with traditional methods. Moreover, Pacefish® supports
several turbulence models such as Smagorinsky LES, hybrid uRANS-LES
SST-DDES and SST-IDDES and uRANS k-omega SST making it unique and
superior among other LBM solvers.

In its first release, SimScale’s new solver enables virtual wind tunnel
analysis for wind loads on buildings, pedestrian wind safety, automotive
aerodynamics, and other external flow applications. Several validation
projects have been carried out, comparing the generated simulation
results with wind tunnel measurement data and will be shown in this
dedicated to the release.

As with every solver on SimScale, users can benefit from this innovative
technology without specific hardware requirements related to graphics
cards, data storage or CPU performance. Relying on cloud computing,
users can run industrial-scale external flow analysis with hundreds of
millions of cells within just a few hours computing time on up to 16

“The accurate analysis of transient flows has historically been fraught
with very long computing times and high up-front costs in order to yield
realistic results. With the release of this new Lattice-Boltzmann
solver, CFD engineers no longer need to choose between speed and
accuracy—and on top of that, can access it with the convenience of an
entirely web-based workflow. We’re very excited to see our customers
seize the new opportunities this technology is opening up,” said David
Heiny, CEO and co-founder of SimScale.

Companies and engineers interested in learning more about SimScale’s
new GPU-based solver using the
method can register for a free webinar here

About SimScale:

By providing instant access to CFD
and FEA
in a standard web browser, SimScale
is the world’s first production-ready SaaS application for engineering


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