Simple Security Tips To Make You Safer

With over two million break-ins in 2008, that is 2,222,196, steps need to be taken to secure yourself. First, always lock your doors and windows. It is the easiest way to reduce your chances of a brake-in. The majority of intrusions are made by amateurs, not professional burglars, so the more you can deter an intruder the safer you and your family will be. A 2008 FBI report shows 32.2% (approximately 715,547) of the estimated 2,222,196 burglaries committed nationwide in that year were unlawful entries without force.

The next step in securing your family, home and property is to let the would be intruder know, at a glance, that your home is secured. Prominently display your home security yard sign and window stickers, not necessarily where the neighbor will see it but where the casual would be intruders will see it as they check out your property. An experienced installer will always give you suggestions as to where you may consider placing your home security yard sign.

Teach Your Children
Don’t assume your house is safe just because it’s daytime. The majority of break-ins occur during the day. Your children should know how to arm the system in your home. We can provide a simple video for review and will walk-you-through the system a number of times when a system is installed. In the same 2008 FBI report mentioned above, 51.5% of residence burglaries (697,153 offenses) occurred during the day, versus only 27.9% at night, while the remaining offenses were unknown.



Most Pets Can Be Deceived
We all love our pets. But pets aren’t the same as a monitored home security system. Don’t rely on your dog to protect or alert you in the event of a burglary. Most would be burglars will watch and wait till you are away from your home to enter so a barking dog will only be harmed if the burglar is determined to enter your home with your pet there alone. Burglars are not opposed to subverting dogs and other animals that stand in their way.

Axio Security System Sticker

Protecting your pet from harm is just as important as protecting all of your other possessions. We can build a system that accounts for the activities of your lifestyle even if it contains an active pet. Let us help you create the safest environment for your family-one that will scream “STAY AWAY” to those would do you harm and “WELCOME” to those invited guests.

Visit AxioSecurity.com for additional tips on home safety including: home security systems, quality smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, flood water detectors, heat rise detectors, and freeze detectors.


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