Should America withdraw from UN membership?

Is the United Nations an organization to celebrate or to withdraw our government from its membership in the global body? October 24th is designated by the UN as ??????UN Day,?????? will you celebrate the founding of the United Nations in San Francisco in 1945 or, like me, work for the day the U.S. Congress will vote to remove the USA from membership in that global body? Congressman Ron Paul has sponsored H.R. 1146- THE AMERICAN SOVERIENTY RESTORATION ACT OF 2012 that, when passed, would remove the U.S. from UN membership.

This past Sunday, September 30, 2012 my wife and I went on a drive to see the autumn colors on the squaw peak trail in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah County. We had a lovely afternoon together as we viewed God????????s beautiful display of red, gold, green and pink leaves. However, I was upset at how many of the dirt roads we passed along the way had been closed to use by the U.S. Forest Service (USFS). The USFS had placed big boulders and steel gates in the way of use thus stopping local inhabitants from traveling or using our public lands.

Thousands in the western United States can see that the U.S. government is closing us off the public-land and encapsulating humans into the cities as the ??????rewilding program?????? of the ??????Wildlands Project?????? introduced in 1993 was designed to do. The UN????????s ??????AGENDA 21?????? and other treaties and writings have been leading America down a pathway of government control and central planning of land use in America and away from our roots of private control of land resources.

Human beings, their motorcycles, cars, trucks, even bicycles in some cases are not welcome on their own public lands as federal control agents pen us in with rules, fences, gates, and boulders. We should ask ourselves: Are we a free country anymore when we find ourselves penned in more and more by rules and regulations, fences, boulders, and gates that have the force of law to keep us off of our land?
The rules, regulations, fences and gates imposed upon us by the dictators of the BLM and USFS don????????t make us more free do they? This closure of public lands is of course being done in the name of environmental protection in conjunction with the UN????????s ??????AGENDA 21?????? and other global documents. Even our children are propagandized in government owned schools towards ??????earth worship,?????? environmental fear, hate for human beings as a species and away from recognition of our Creator????????s hand in our world and lives.

The John Birch Society has sought to expose the UN????????s agenda for the 21st century. Learn more about the UN’s AGENDA 21 in a 21-minute video found on Youtube called: ??????AGENDA 21- HOW WILL IT AFFECT YOU???????

The globalists, or internationalists, here in America and around the world, that segment of the world????????s population who believe that all national and local governments should be relegated to a status of mere cogs in the global wheel of a world government; those globalists whose faith is in bigger, more-centralized, less accessible, more socialist government; the same people who worship the idea of centralized bureaucratic planning to encompass all of humanity????????s actions in place of individual planning by free individuals; those same people who want to meddle in the affairs of every community from the family, to the city, to the county, to the State, to the federation level to international level of human interaction; yes the people who bring us endless wars ??????for peace?????? are celebrating this October as they have done each October 24th for sixty-seven years now. Why?

October 24th is the time they celebrate their sixty-seven years of failure as if it was a success. In 1945 the U.S. Congress, President Truman, the inhabitants of these United States heard the founders of the United Nations and the UN proponents from the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) champion the UN as the ??????last best hope for mankind.?????? The UN was touted as a panacea that would cure the world of war and bring peace to earth. But for almost seven decades now the United Nations has brought war after war as it meddled in the affairs of mankind. The UN using its surrogate armies and sometimes through its regional arrangements such as SEATO and NATO has engaged in so-called ??????peace-keeping?????? wars, invasions of intervention, and military occupations in Katanga (Congo), Korea, Vietnam, Kuwait-Iraq, Kosovo, Bosnia, Haiti, Somalia, Afghanistan, etc. since 1961. Sometimes the forces of international communism initiated war or internal strife in a country and that strife or ??????instability?????? was the catalyst used by UN leaders to launch American forces into UN peacekeeping wars to demonstrate to the world the efficacy of the UN as an organization. Out of the crucible of war the globalists hoped to create their ??????new world order,?????? their strengthened United Nations world government.

And of course there was the UN mission to Rwanda where the massive genocide took place, but the UN????????s blue helmets (UNAMIR) stood by as the Hutu tribe used machetes to slaughter 800,000 Tutsi tribal members in 1994. The UN troops had previously helped in the civilian disarmament of the Tutsi tribal members to prevent bloodshed and the disarmament had resulted in a defenseless Tutsi population being hacked to death by Hutu ??????militias.?????? This slaughter was not ??????peace?????? for the Tutsi people, but being hacked to ??????pieces?????? by the Hutu people as the blue helmets looked on. ??????In Rwanda today there are millions of people who still ask why the United Nations Assistance Mission for Rwanda (UNAMIR, the United Nations (UN) and the international community allowed this disaster to happen,?????? wrote retired Canadian Lt. General Rom????o Dallaire, July 2003 in the preface to his book about Rwanda, ??????SHAKE HANDS WITH THE DEVIL.??????

In the Rwanda instance the UN refrained from protecting the Tutsi population perhaps to show earth????????s inhabitants that the UN could have stopped the slaughter if allowed to act by the UN Security Council and therefore in the future the UN must have forces on the ground in any ??????hot spot?????? around the globe to prevent genocide and war. That is speculation, but that is how it appeared to me. Remember the UN blue-helmet forces had helped in disarming the Tutsi population that had later been victimized by the Hutu-dominated government once they were disarmed as Hutu militias grimily chopped and hacked the Tutsi????????s to death by hundreds of thousands. Was this a drama set-up through disarming one side in a violent confrontational situation for the purpose of demonstrating to earth????????s inhabitants a need for UN forces to quell internal genocide or civil war in nations?

Books have been written to expose the truth about the United Nations as a would-be world government, but too few Americans have availed themselves of the important warnings contained inside the books. Nevertheless let me suggest a few books for those who want to see the other side of the United Nations, the side the UN propaganda doesn????????t show.

??????THE FEARFUL MASTER-A SECOND LOOK AT THE UNITED NATIONS,?????? by G. Edward Griffin. (1964, published by Western Islands, a John Birch Society publishing company)

??????THE SHADOWS OF POWER-THE COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS AND THE AMERICAN DECLINE,?????? by James Perloff (1988, Western Islands Publishing)

??????GLOBAL TYRANNY???????STEP BY STEP- THE UNITED NATIONS AND THE EMERGING NEW WORLD ORDER,?????? by William F. Jasper (1992, Western Islands Publishing)


??????INSIDE THE UNITED NATIONS- A CRITICAL LOOK AT THE UN,?????? by Steve Bonta, Ph.D. (2003, The John Birch Society)

Why did I choose five books to recommend that are published either by The John Birch Society or by a publishing company owned by The John Birch Society (JBS) to recommend? First, I wanted to demonstrated that The John Birch Society has been tracking the United Nations for over five decades, ever since the Society????????s founding in 1958. Second, the perspective of the several writers reflects a common understanding by separate researchers delving into the history and documents of the UN as an enemy of mankind not a friend. The research done by those four writers was not merely a regurgitation of UN press releases that provide a positive light on UN actions. Third, I wanted to direct your attention to The JBS as a long-term authority on the UN, an organization that has invested a great deal of resources in reporting on the UN through its books, magazines and other publications and film/Video/DVD productions.

There is a good case for withdrawing the United States from membership in the United Nations. Years ago a short film was made on the topic and can be viewed here:

Once you????????ve really studied The UN, if you????????re an American who loves liberty and the independence our States won for themselves in the WAR FOR INDEPENDENCE then you too will want to support THE AMERICAN SOVEREIGNTY RESTORATION ACT OF 2012, H.R. 2012, by writing to your Congressman to ask him to co-sponsor the bill and ??????Get US out! Of the United Nations.??????


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