Shed Options To Help You This Winter

How’s Your Shed Looking?

In a previous article, we talked about how a shed could be a good investment during Covid-19. Maybe you got one, maybe you didn’t. Maybe you’re still thinking about it. Well, if you have a shed, or are looking to get one, there’s a few options to consider that might help you save some time and money. Here’s what Cache Valley Sheds has to say about it.

1. Reinforced Flooring

If you haven’t already got a shed set up, the time when it’ll be easy to set it up is passing. If you want to get it done faster, you might consider pressure-treated flooring. Pressure treated flooring reinforces the foundations of the shed itself. This means you won’t need to spend time building a concrete pad for the shed as long as you can find a stable, flat-space for it to sit on. This saves you both time and money on the initial installation.

2. Insulation

During the summer, a shed might have been a good workspace, or even living space. Maybe you made it into a little man-cave/she-shed. Well, with summer coming to an end and the weather getting colder, that’s gonna come to an end. Or is it? With properly rated spray foam insulation, you can help insulate your shed against the outdoor cold. While you may still have to use some additional heating to keep it warm, good insulation will help keep the heat in and the cold out, allowing you to save some money on running a space heater.

If you’re just using a shed for storage, this isn’t too big a concern, but if you were using it for other reasons, this could be a good way to keep getting use out of it during the colder months. Our next option, however, will be good for whatever you were using the shed for.

shed with a porch3. A Porch

This might seem like a decorative thing, but a porch does have practical uses, especially during winter. What’s the biggest hassle of winter? Maybe Christmas, if you’re Scrooge, or the Grinch, but my money’s on shoveling snow.  It becomes double the problem for sheds because deep snowfall won’t even let you open the door. Then again, if you have a porch on it, that’s less of a problem. The porch would keep the door area covered, allowing you to open the door without having to spend twenty minutes shoveling off. If you’re using your shed for storage, this will be a huge time saver if you just want to get something out of the shed quickly. If you use it as a workspace, you won’t have to spend an extra half an hour shoveling snow away from the shed before you get started on your work.

Just remember to put on some snow boots before you walk out to it.

Get The Most Out Of Your Shed

With the prices of lumber seeing record highs due to shortages, you might not be interested in getting a shed right now. If you are planning to buy one, these options can help you save time on installation. Whether you’re getting one now, or looking for the future, these options can definitely help you get more use out of it during the colder months. After all, you want to be able to make the most out of it. Some simple upgrades can make your shed far more convenient and comfortable during the winter months and that’s definitely worth the expense.