Shake that Family Tree!

Everyone always snickered when Great Aunt Gussie talked at length about the family’s grand fortunes in the old country every Thanksgiving but what if the old lady was right? It’d be you who had the last laugh!

Have you always wondered about your family history? Imagined where your forefathers came from? Maybe you????????ve grown up listing to stories about a long voyage to America and arrival at Ellis Island. Or perhaps you????????re named after a distant relative ???????? wouldn????????t you love to know more about who was honored by your parents in such a special way?

Researching your family history is well within your reach and with the myriad tools and resources available to you, it????????s easy to get started today.

While most people don’t find that they’re part of a long-lost royal line or descended from wealthy landowners with big country estates, you’re still pretty likely to find a motley family tree full of scamps, scallywags and sirens, the stories about whom will make you think differently about your family.

To begin, write down what you know. Even if only half of it turns out to be correct, you’ll need a starting point. It’s like pulling the thread on a sweater – you never know how far that string will go. Half-remembered bits can prove illuminating; for example, that great-great-grandmother called Bridget might actually be named Mary; bridget was the derogatory slang term used generations ago for an Irish immigrant woman who worked as a domestic.

Draw lines between names to sketch out family relationships visually, pore over old pictures for clues and plumb the depths of your memory for anything that might be helpful.

Once you????????ve collected as much as you know about your family, you????????re ready to begin your search, and your local public library or one of the many online genealogy websites are great places to start. To arrange for a free consult, Call 1-866-632-9291 or email Nancy Siddons-Daniels for Record Click


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