Several Changes Coming to RideKC Routes

Many RideKC routes will change next week, including both MAX bus rapid transit lines. The changes will improve the overall efficiency of transit service, and provide service that better matches local transit needs.
“These adjustments will allow us to better serve customers with direct, efficient transit service,” said Robbie Makinen, President and CEO of the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority. “Sustained growth in downtown and in south Kansas City, along with ridership patterns, are at the root of many of these changes.”
Main MAX changes route after 12 years
Main MAX will run on Grand from the River Market to Crown Center. This change will allow for quicker travel through downtown, allowing riders to arrive at their destination sooner. MAX will no longer run its circuitous route on Wyandotte, Main, Oak, 8th, 9th, 11th, and 12th streets. South of Crown Center, the MAX route will continue to serve midtown, Country Club Plaza, Brookside and Waldo.
New transit center to open
A new transit center will anchor bus service in south Kansas City. 3-Trails Transit Center, at Bannister and Blue Ridge, will serve as a hub for six RideKC routes: Troost MAX, 28 Blue Ridge, 29 Blue Ridge Limited (previously 28X Blue RidgeExpress), 75 75th Street, 99 South KC Flex, and 399 Raytown Flex. Routes and times will change for these lines. 75 will no longer travel west of Ward Parkway Shopping Center to Overland Park during the rush hour. This service will be offered by 51 Ward Parkway during the rush hour.
Added service to south Kansas City
Another set of changes will improve access to jobs and shopping in south Kansas City. 57 Wornall will travel further south, providing regularly scheduled transit service seven days a week to an area that previously had limited Flex service that required a call ahead of time. 57 will no longer travel between the Plaza and Waldo; however, Main MAX will continue to make connections between these two areas. Flex routes 99 and 98 will combine service as 99 South KC Flex. 99 will serve Longview Community College, Loma Vista Shopping Center, and Red Bridge Shopping Center.
Blue Springs Express removes one trip
570 Blue Springs Express is changing its route and reducing the number of trips from four to three. This change is due to a reduction in funding.
Changes to bus stops, route names
Select bus stops will be removed from several routes:
  • 15X Truman Road Express, which is also being renamed 16 Truman Road Limited
  • 28X Blue Ridge Express, which is being renamed 29 Blue Ridge Limited
  • 36X Gladstone Express, which is being renamed 236 East Gladstone
  • 37X North Broadway Express, which is being renamed 237 West Gladstone
Several other routes will change names, consistent with RideKC’s naming plan. The new numbering system will be organized into regions and types of service. For example, Kansas City, Missouri, routes south of the Missouri River use numbers 1-99, and routes north of the river use 200-299.
  • 51X Ward Parkway Express will be renamed 52 Ward Parkway Limited.
  • 108 Indiana will be renamed 18 Indiana.
  • 121 Cleveland-Antioch will be renamed 21 Cleveland-Antioch.
  • 129 Boardwalk-KCI will be renamed 229 Boardwalk-KCI.
  • 133 Vivion-Antioch will be renamed 233 Vivion-Antioch.
  • 136 Boardwalk-Antioch will be renamed 234 Boardwalk-Antioch.
  • 243 Riverside-Antioch will be renamed 231 Riverside-Antioch.
  • 251 TMC-Lakewood will be renamed 340 TMC-Lakewood.
New schedules are available at RideKC.org and on board buses. For help planning a trip on an affected route, call the Regional Call Center weekdays between 6 a.m. and 7 p.m. at 816.221.0660.

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