Setting Goals for Even Better Service

One of our priority goals is to improve our world-class customer service. As the number of customers signing up for my Social Security and using our eServices grows, and as the public’s service expectations evolve, we have an opportunity and responsibility to offer the public a broader range of services via the Internet. We are prioritizing our efforts to ensure that our customers can access essential Social Security services whenever they want, wherever they want.We’re improving options for online customers by providing additional secure online services and improving existing services. These services allow us to provide essential information and services — around the clock — to those members of the public who prefer to conduct business online, allowing our frontline employees to spend more time with customers who need more personal assistance. This will provide an overall higher quality of service to you and your clients and move us closer to our goal of a superior customer experience.

In fiscal years 2016 and 2017, our goal is to provide greater access to our online services by adding new self-service options, increasing the probability of individuals continuing to use online services. Providing more online service options and information will assist in reducing both waiting and processing times.

You and your clients can help us meet our goal of providing convenient, secure online service to millions of customers each year by visiting

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