See something? Say something

Fort Worth continues its population boom, with more than 850,000 people calling the city home. Most people know Fort Worth as a friendly, slow-paced, get-to-know-your-neighbor, let-the-kids-play-outside community — but others may see the city as a target, an opportunity to instill fear and hatred.

A violent act committed by a domestic or foreign terrorist, mentally unstable person or disgruntled former employee can happen anywhere, to anyone, at any time. Fort Worth is not immune to this threat. All you need to do is read the newspaper, listen to radio or television news reports or check the web to learn about events that were designed to spread fear and disrupt daily life.

Whether the act is committed on a street in a large metropolitan city, at a social get-together, a concert or a church in a small rural Texas town, the consequences are the same: innocent victims die or get injured, and communities are forever changed.

Fort Worth residents can help local authorities mitigate the possibility of a local terrorist act by reporting suspicious actions or behavior to local law enforcement agencies. You are the key. This is your city, you live here, you know what goes on in your neighborhood and you also know when something or someone is not normal. Do not try to explain away a feeling that something does not seem right. Report it to local law enforcement.

Examples of suspicious sightings or actions:

  • Abandoned bags, suitcases or packages in busy locations or public events.
  • Someone wearing heavy clothing or a coat not appropriate with the temperature.
  • Rants about retaliation on social media posts.
  • Threats in schools, workplaces and events.
  • Unusual activities by unknown people in the neighborhood, like someone attempting to conceal themselves by standing in the shadows or to the side of buildings.
  • Inquiries by unknown individuals about business or event entrance/exit locations, peak hours, shift changes, hours of operation.
  • Photography or discreet use of cameras or video equipment, sketching, monitoring or note taking at a business, transportation hub, venue or its operations.
  • Evidence of unauthorized access to secured locations (cut padlocks, open doors, gates or windows).
  • Abandoned vehicles parked near electrical substations, radio towers, busy public crosswalks or gatherings.
  • Newly placed or modified receptacles such as mailboxes, trash cans and dumpsters that could be used to conceal a bomb.

Help Fort Worth remain the big city with a small-town feel. Report suspicious activities and actions. Stay alert and help everyone stay safe.


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