Security Systems – HD Camera System vs. Analog Camera System

Security Systems – HD Camera System vs. Analog Camera System

There are so many options in home security these days! No one knows that more than we do at Kelly Electronics. Knowing the difference between high definition digital and high resolution analog camera systems is important when deciding which kind of system to buy.

HD cameras provide better image quality while analog systems are more cost effective. When deciding which type of system is right for you, consider not only what you may need to see but also if you have the need to identify an individual or object. If there is an incident, how important is it for the police to be able to get a positive ID of the person? How important will the video files be to an insurance company if you need to make a claim?


In the case of HD, camera resolution is measured in mega pixels; 1 mega pixel is equal to one-million pixels. When you compare a high resolution 540 TVL (an analog measure of resolution) camera to a high definition camera, keep this in mind; 540 TVL = .4 mega pixels. This means, that the resolution of a 1 MP camera is 2.5 times greater than a 540 TVL camera! When you consider that most high definition cameras are at least 2 MP, there is a HUGE difference in clarity. The bottom line is that the images from an HD system are significantly better than those from an analog system. This means that you are more likely to be able to recognize/identify a person or vehicle via an HD system than a high resolution system.

So, who buys HD security camera systems? The price comparison is about as drastic as the quality comparison. A great HD system may run 2 to 3 times the price of a standard high resolution (analog) system. Though historically, banks and detention facilities were the main user of HD systems, residential and small commercial use is becoming more and more prevalent.

High Resolution (Analog)

Analog security camera systems are very common. So, why (other than for budget reasons) would someone opt to purchase an analog system over an HD system? Standard high resolution systems are a cost effective way to ??????monitor?????? a location. When using security cameras only to monitor, the user is less likely to have the need to positively ID a person. They may be monitoring their office, employees, pets or domestic help and they do not have a need to have facial recognition. Why? Because they already know who is in the video. They are simply monitoring the activities. The problem is, when someone they do not know enters the picture, the images may be useless to the authorities. That being said, a good high resolution system is better than no system at all. Many a crook has been caught with this type of security camera!

Who buys the analog security camera systems? Home owners and businesses who have a limited budget or who have little or no need to have very high quality footage.

What????????s best for you? Kelly Electronics can help you decide. Call our offices and speak with a qualified, experienced professional about the many products and services that can keep your home or business safe and secure.


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