Secret Deodorant Seeks Women Who Embody “All Strength, No Sweat” for New Campaign

As Part of Nationwide Casting Call, Secret Kicks Off Search for
Stories of Women Who Refuse to Settle for the Status Quo

announced a nationwide casting call for its new “All
Strength, No Sweat” campaign alongside four new product launches. As
part of an ongoing effort to showcase the awe-inspiring,
barrier-breaking stories of women across the country, Secret will enlist
up to 10 women to tell their personal stories of strength and fortitude
in a series that will air across various platforms, including digital
and Secret’s social channels, throughout 2019.

This announcement comes on the heels of the release of Secret’s latest
ad, “Women’s
World – All Strength, No Sweat
,” which brings to life the stories of
real women who are challenging the status quo and pursuing their
passions, without “sweating” the obstacles in their path. Produced by a
predominantly female crew, the video features seven bold,
boundary-pushing women in their everyday professions, from a musician
who was spurred to chase her own dreams after becoming a mother, to a
woman who set aside three degrees and quit her day job as an architect
to become a brewer. Throughout the year, Secret will continue to tell
stories of “all strength, no sweat,” from well-known dynamos like
Arianna Huffington to other hustling go-getters who inspire the team at
Secret and beyond.

“As a leading brand for women, Secret knows that women are strongly and
boldly taking on high-stress moments, relentlessly pursuing progress for
themselves and other women, and courageously pushing through barriers on
a daily basis,” said Sara Saunders, Associate Brand Director for Secret.
”Not only does Secret work to protect them from the physical sweat they
may face in the process, we as a team are committed to telling real
stories from women that will inspire all women to stand up and
take pride in their strength.”

Starting today, Secret is calling on women to proudly share their best
“All Strength, No Sweat” stories via Instagram. The brand’s panel of
“judges” – including brand leaders and influencer partners – will
elevate the stories of women’s most daring, inspiring,
strength-without-sweat feats for inclusion in upcoming marketing
efforts. To join Secret’s #AllStrengthNoSweat story-sharing movement,
women can check out the official contest guidelines here.

In concert with the new campaign, Secret is also debuting four new
products nationally this month, giving women more protection choices
than ever before:

  • NEW
    Secret Aluminum Free Deodorant
    : For those days women don’t
    need maximum sweat protection or for those who choose to go
    aluminum-free every day, this gentle silicone-based formula shares 60
    percent of its ingredients with those found in skincare lotion, is
    paraben and dye-free, and goes on clear and dry, making white marks a
    thing of the past.
  • NEW
    Secret Body Cleansing Wipes
    : These single-use,
    alcohol-free and individually packaged cleansing wipes enable
    convenient removal of any odor-causing sweat and residue – for
    underarms and beyond!
  • NEW
    Secret Clinical Strength Fast Acting
    : This
    max-protection formula works on contact; like a magnet, it brings the
    active ingredient together with sweat to provide faster protection
    against odor and wetness.
  • NEW
    Secret Clinical Strength Night Treatment
    : Applying
    antiperspirant at night – when your body temperature is regulated –
    allows product to form a stronger barrier against sweat, making Secret
    Clinical Strength 10 percent more effective.

For more from Secret, visit Secret.com,
or follow Secret on Facebook (
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About Secret

Secret was the first antiperspirant brand designed specifically for
women, and for the past 60 years, Secret has been on the forefront of
women’s lives, leading with innovation designed to provide superior odor
and wetness protection. Through the years, the brand has proudly
supported women’s advancement by portraying confident, modern women in
its campaigns and communications. Its latest campaign, “All Strength, No
Sweat,” is a continuation of this commitment to women, celebrating those
who boldly challenge the status quo, push through barriers and stand up
for what they believe in, without “sweating” the obstacles that may come
their way. Secret challenges women everywhere to be all strength, no


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212-546-8533 | [email protected]


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