Second Human West Nile Case Confirmed in Plano

Plano Texas Press ReleaseThe Collin County health department has confirmed a second human case of the West Nile Virus in Plano. Environmental health crews will spray a second area (Parker & Communications) Thursday night, in addition to the one announced Tuesday.  Here are the boundaries of both spray areas:


Area #1 (see map #1)

14th Street

Plano Parkway


Area #2 (see map #2)

North – Glenhollow Dr

East – Communications Dr

South – W. Parker Rd

West – Midway Rd.


Weather permitting, the spraying will begin at 9:00 P.M. On Tuesday, the City reported a mosquito found in one of the City’s traps tested positive for the West Nile virus. The spraying for that area will target locations in and around the area of the traps (Plano Parkway and 14th Street). Residents are urged to ensure children and pets are indoors during spraying.

As always, the City of Plano encourages everyone to follow common prevention practices:

DRAIN standing water in and around your home and neighborhood. This means removing water in birdbaths, tires, trash bins, refreshing pet dishes and other places that can collect standing water.

DRESS appropriately before going outdoors. Long-sleeved, light-colored clothing helps protect against mosquitoes.

DEFEND yourself by applying mosquito repellent. The use of repellent is recommended at all times when outdoors. Limit the amount of outdoor activity to lessen your chances of getting bit.

Citizens who have questions or want to report standing water can call the City of Plano Environmental Health and Sustainability Department at 972-941-7143.

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