Seattle City (spot)Light: Tammie Luc

Tammie Luc has been at City Light for 11 years. During her tenure, she’s served in a variety of roles, including four and a half years in human resources where she processed payroll and three years on the administrative team for Operations. Currently, Tammie serves as a Management System Analyst at the South Service Center (SSC) where’s she’s been for three and a half years.

Tammie emigrated from Vietnam when she was four years old. “My father left Vietnam to seek better opportunities for us and I went with him,“ Tammie shared. “After five years of separation, he was able to sponsor my mother and younger brother to join us. I’ve lived in Seattle most of my life and really enjoy its seasons.”

In this week’s (spot)Light, Tammie talks about her hobbies, work at SSC and love for the Seahawks.

“I’m a huge Seahawks fan. At SSC, I’m known
as the Seahawks rally person! I also play pickleball once or twice per week and
like to run races, anywhere from 10Ks to half marathons. During the summer, you
can catch me paddle boarding. I love to hike year-round in Washington and am
the team captain of City Light’s #3 softball team! Crafting is another activity
I enjoy but haven’t had time since I’m the Uber driver for my kids and all
their activities – ultimate frisbee, swim meets, softball and basketball

“I have three kids: Amber (17), Hunter (14)
and Logan (11). Amber was a high school intern for City Light this past summer.
They keep me busy and I
love it.  As their Uber driver and cheerleader, they are my world. I’m
usually driving them to different sporting events, but they also like to hang
with me when I paddleboard and hike.”

“I wanted to work at City Light because growing
up in the city, I had always seen the yellow City Light trucks. The crews would
ride in and restore power whenever we had an outage. I felt like they were
superheroes and wanted to be a part of that. To this day, I still feel
have that feeling and my chest pumps with pride knowing that I work alongside
them now.”

“In my role, I provide technical support to
various positions, develop training plans and create and maintain reports for
managers, supervisors and crew coordinators. I coordinate with OH, URD and Line
Services Crews to maintain accurate and efficient work schedule. I also work
closely with SDOT and other City ROW departments to make sure all permits are
in compliance and assist with any coordination that’s needed.”

“Not only do I enjoy my job and get paid for
it, but I work with the greatest, friendliest and most unselfish peers. At
SSC, I’m often the point person for several activities that my colleagues generously
support. I love to collect money for donations and special events, suck their
blood by coordinating blood drives, and inflict pain with flu shots. Who else can
say they do all those in one place? ME!”


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