School Has Become a Killiing Zone

We have witnessed yet another attack on twenty defenseless students at a high school in Pennsylvania (see: Link). A knife wielding assailant wounded as many as twenty people in the school. It appears there were no armed teachers or to oppose him. He was free to attack at will, virtually unopposed, for quite some time until the lone school guard showed up to disarm him and take him into custody.

Once again, after the many school shootings, school knifings, mall shootings, military base attacks, mass murders in restaurants, attacks on various ships, theater shootings, attacks on churches, and other attacks by armed attackers on unarmed, innocent children and adults, we see another school, Franklin Regional High School, that has learned nothing from these incidents. The adults working there that should have been prepared to protect the children in their care were completely unprepared.

No doubt there were signs and policies in place forbidding students and others to carry arms of any kind and suggesting that the innocent should "shelter in place" when attacked. Yet, once again, we see a young criminal who ignored these signs and policies. The signs and policies were no protection at all. Once again we see that disarming the teachers and most other school employees did nothing to make the school safer or to protect the children from attack by a mad man. On the contrary, these signs and policies advertised the complete defenselessness of the school and its occupants. Didn't these signs and policies telegraph to the would be murderer: "Here's a killing zone where you'll be unopposed as you murder as many innocent victims as you wish before the police arrive"?

No doubt that there will be calls for more strict "gun control" because these children were attacked by a knife wielding assailant. Had he carried bombs there would still be calls for increasingly more strict gun control. Maybe someone will suggest knife, bomb, bat, and rope control. Will the criminals among us ignore those laws? Will the murderers still be armed? Will the innocent be better able to protect themselves because they are unarmed and defenseless?

During the time it took for armed guard to arrive to stop the murderous assaults a reported 20 people were stabbed or cut, some of them very seriously. Some of them are fighting for their lives and/or enduring painful surgery as I write this article. What if it was your child going through this? Armed police were unable to prevent this widespread assault before twenty people were harmed. Was police response the best response that could have been employed in this situation? Could there have been a more immediate response by trained, armed school employees, had there been any?

If four or five high school employees were to have been armed, even with pistols, is it possible they could have stopped the assailant before he wounded twenty people? Could they have better protected the children from attack while waiting for the police to arrive? Could they have been trained beforehand in more realistic defense tactics?

When will parents of school age children demand that all schools allow teachers and other employees to be armed and to organize a credible defense? when will parents demand that schools advertize that a realistic defense plan is in place? When will they demand a more realistic approach to protecting the students than just the tragic "shelter in place" tactic? Does "Shelter in Place" work? Does that mean to wait helplessly where you are for the assailant(s) to come and kill you? Is that a smart strategy? Would "run for your lives" or "fight back with weapons" be a smarter strategy for self defense? Could teachers be armed with a gas that would put attackers to sleep or some other array of non-lethal weapons? Even that would be better than being completely defenseless.

Where are the outraged parents suing these schools and school districts for not providing adequate protection for their innocent, unarmed, defenseless children? After the many attacks we've all witnessed over the last few decades do schools really have an excuse for not having better plans than "shelter in place and wait for the police"? Do these schools and school districts and theaters and malls and other public establishments that demand that all the innocent, law abiding, respectful people visiting them must be unarmed and helpless, need to be held accountable for their folly? Why has no law firm stepped forward to represent these innocent children by holding these establishments accountable for their foolish policies and signs that create these killing grounds?

Can you imagine if even one trained and armed teacher had been able to respond immediately to the threat this knife wielding attacker posed? Would there have been a different or a better outcome?

Where is the protection? How many more Sandy Hooks, Columbines, Washington Navy Yards, Ft. Hoods, Trolly Squares, Luby's massacres, etc. do we need to witness before we, as a nation, embrace the 2nd Amendment, and demand the right to keep and bear arms in all places at all times in order to protect the innocent from vicious murderers who are looking for a killing zone, a killing ground, a mass of unarmed, defenseless people to destroy? How can we allow this to continue year after year?

The next time you see a sign posted on the door of an establishment that says "No arms allowed" or "No firearms allowed" consider asking the proprietor how this makes his clients or visitors safer. Ask him what might be a more realistic approach to ensuring safety. Ask him if he has ever asked his visitors whether this sign makes them feel safer or more at risk in his establishment.

Being unarmed is a great invitation to the criminals among us to attack. They have proven this again and again. When the people are disarmed, only the criminals will have arms (and that includes criminal government).

School is not a safe zone; school has become a "killing zone". Do you really dare to send your defenseless children and grandchildren to a school that does allow it's teachers and employees to be armed and to have an organized planned response to killers who may enter with murder on their minds? Where's the PTA and the teachers unions when it comes to providing a realistic plan to protect innocent children? School is now a killing zone and it's open season on our children.

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