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Mark????????s Column ~ January 10, 2012 ~ Dead Man????????s Curve (please always feel free to contact me @ [email protected] if you would like to make some statements for future articles). . .

Have you ever felt like you are taking a ride down the wrong road? Well, apparently those who govern this nation have never had that feeling. It????????s either that or they are just telling us lies to assure that a massive revolt doesn????????t take place amongst the populous at large. Folks, I agree with Ron Paul on many issues and I also agree with Mitt Romney. However, I really felt Michele Bachmann had the story the closest to the line. She is, however, in alignment with Ron Paul.

We (as a nation), are headed down a street that has some dangerous curves. Going down the street that Bernanke (I prefer to call him, BURNanke since he burns all the money of the taxpayers) will lead us to one final outcome. Anyone following this web site will begin to figure it out. We????????re going to go over the cliff unless our leaders change their directives and get an understanding of economics. I mean, FAST.

This is most likely where America is headed if the nation continues to permit our leaders to drive down the street to a ??????dead end?????? curve. Grab a hold of your steering wheels, and listen. This is definitely not light talk. . .


Jan and Dean ~ Dead Man????????s Curve


Fastball ~ Out of My Head


We are in a depressed nation. It is time the people spoke up and they are beginning to awaken. It has been a while but the populous is awakening.

It has been evident that people have been experiencing the pains of things that have been going on with decisions made out of the White House. What is unfortunate is that the decision makers quite frequently don????????t understand what is going on. This is where Ron Paul is coming in. He????????s gaining strength along with Mitt Romney in the political race on the conservative side. I like Ron Paul????????s perspective on Constitutional issues and I like Mitt Romney????????s objectives on turning this economy around. One thing is for certain, the present track this country is on with our leaders is not on base. It is way OFF base. So we need to find different leadership. We also need to face that fact that we made a mistake and that it appears, fascism is what is occurring. It is not socialism. I guess we all need to decide about this ??????democratic?????? society that doesn????????t appear to be doing so well. However, the United States was created to be a republic for the people, and by the people. Not for a bunch of Oligarchs. Take a break and listen to a bit of music. . .


There always comes a time when the feeling of letting everything go comes in. It????????s just human nature. But running away from the band, is not the answer. You will understand that statement when you listen to the next song. As far as our economy goes, we cannot run away from what is going on right now. Food prices are rising and will continue to rise as gas prices escalate. The stingray operation presently taking place over in Iran isn????????t going to help matters at all. . .


Take a break and listen to the next song. . .

Run for the Roses ~ Dan Fogelberg (See attachment for a photo taken in Utah just up the street from where I presently reside for a fun take on things.):


As time goes on, we all have challenges. Financial situations that individuals incur are not necessarily the fault of the government. However, when the United States Government bails out banks overseas rather than helping out American people that were succumbed into purchasing a home under their premises (and Believe me, I remember everything George W. Bush said as if every American had the right to own a home), then the people should have the right to own that home as was promised by the president of the United States during that volatile period of time.

What kind of idiots in office right now are going to continue to let banks foreclose on their clients when they lost their jobs? Then, the banks get bailed out by the government. Then foreign banks get bailed out by the government. Then, we have a president of this nation that recently spent 4m United States Dollars on a two week excursion to Hawaii?? What in the hell is going on here? How can anybody spend 4 million dollars of US taxpayer money in two weeks in Hawaii? I went to Maui five years ago and only spent about 1,500 dollars. And I did everything I wanted to do. It was a ten day period, in which I stayed in a nice cottage just a bit beyond the sea. How can you spend FOUR million dollars in Hawaii in two weeks time while the rest of the world suffers from this economy? What kind of president is this guy?

Well, I know that some of my wording might not be perfect. . .but until things change here in America as far as compensation for efforts goes, I????????m not too concerned over a few misspellings.

Everyone, live life in peace and be peaceful individuals. Just be prepared for the worst at all times. I don????????t believe this bozo we have in office right now understands diplomacy.

Peace be with you always, and in all ways. . .

Mark A. Mayr
Graduate from Utah State, Penn State and UC Irvine Universities


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