Save Time & Money – Bundle Your Services!

Save Time & Money ???????? Bundle Your Services!

There may be times when it makes sense to use multiple vendors like for a construction project, but there are plenty of reasons to stick with one if they’re doing a good job taking care of your needs.

Bundling services for technology and communication is a great example of why you should choose a single vendor. Having just one vendor means there is only one number to call, and they know your equipment and account better than anyone. That saves you time and money when it comes to TV, internet and phone or Home Theater, Monitored Security and CCTV camera services, plus bundling increases your uptime. One of the most tangible benefits many clients appreciate ???????? is the multi-product single provider discounts!

1. Minimize compatibility problems
Because using a single vendor specifically ensures that their products work together, on the same platform, there are several advantages when it comes to adding to your system. When using the same vendor the process is a lot quicker, without all the compatibility checks normally required when adding additional cameras or lines of service. They know your system, they know what other products would best meet your needs too.

2. Get new features sooner
Since you’re already running on the vendor’s platform you have the infrastructure in place to deploy new features and you have peace of mind knowing that any upgrades to your services will work.

3. Save time
We all do it, but few of us actually enjoy time spent comparing vendors to find the best rates, services or products. If you had to do that every time you needed a new service you’d wear yourself out. If you’ve already found a quality vendor, it????????s best to stick with them for any additional services you need, it????????s simply easier. After all, saving time means saving money.

4. Vendor takes more responsibility
There’s something to be said about having one place to go for all your needs when working with a single vendor. A single vendor will be familiar with you, your needs, all your equipment, and that means faster troubleshooting and resolution. In contrast, a multi-vendor environment can have you going from one to the next to get a problem resolved, with each vendor blaming the next.

5. It’s just easier
One phone number, one contact, one invoice; it’s just easier dealing with one vendor. Life is hard enough ???????? simplify it!

There are many great reasons to get multiple services performed by the same vendor such as Kelly Electronics. Kelly Electronics offers Satellite TV, Internet, Phone, Security Systems, Video Surveillance and Home Theater. Kelly Electronics is the one stop shop for all your technology based needs!


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