Samsung Debuts Semiconductor Innovations at Samsung Tech Day that Maximize Data Center Efficiencies and Enable AI, Enterprise and Emerging Technologies

Technologies introduced at the event include 7nm LPP EUV, SmartSSD
and 256GB 3DS RDIMM

SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a world leader in advanced semiconductor
technology, today announced several groundbreaking additions to its
comprehensive semiconductor ecosystem that encompass next-generation
technologies in foundry as well as NAND flash, SSD (solid state drive)
and DRAM. Together, these developments mark a giant step forward for
Samsung’s semiconductor business.

Unveiled at its annual Samsung Tech Day include:

  • 7nm EUV process node from Samsung’s Foundry Business, providing
    significant strides forward in power, performance and area.
  • SmartSSD, a field programmable gate array (FPGA) SSD, that
    will offer accelerated data processing and the ability to bypass
    server CPU limits.
  • QLC-SSD for enterprise and datacenters that offer 33-percent
    more storage per cell than TLC-SSD, consolidating of storage
    footprints and improving total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • 256-gigabyte (GB) 3DS (3-dimensional stacking) RDIMM (registered
    dual in-line memory module)
    , based on 10nm-class 16-gigabit (Gb)
    DDR4 DRAM that will double current maximum capacity to deliver higher
    performance and lower power consumption.

“Samsung’s technology leadership and product breadth are unparalleled,”
said JS Choi, President, Samsung Semiconductor, Inc. “Bringing 7nm EUV
into production is an incredible achievement. Also, the announcements of
SmartSSD and 256GB 3DS RDIMM represent performance and capacity
breakthroughs that will continue to push compute boundaries. Together,
these additions to Samsung’s comprehensive technology ecosystem will
power the next generation of datacenters, high-performance computing
(HPC), enterprise, artificial intelligence (AI) and emerging

Advanced Foundry Technology

Initial wafer production of Samsung’s 7nm LPP (Low Power Plus) EUV
process node represents a major milestone in semiconductor fabrication.
The 7LPP EUV process technology provides great advances, including a
respective maximum of 40-percent area reduction, 50-percent dynamic
power reduction and 20-percent performance increase over 10nm processes.
The 7LPP process represents a clear demonstration of the foundry
business’ technology roadmap evolution, providing Samsung’s customers a
direct path forward to 3nm.

Powering Server-less Computing

Samsung enables the most advanced providers of server-less computing
through products including the new SmartSSD, quad-level cell (QLC)-SSD,
256GB 3DS RDIMM as well as High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) 2 Aquabolt. By
accelerating data processing, bypassing server CPU limits and reducing
power demands, these products will enable datacenter operators to
continue to scale at faster speeds while containing costs.

Samsung’s industry-leading flash memory products for future datacenters
will also include Key Value (KV)-SSD and Z-SSD. KV-SSD eliminates block
storage inefficiency, reducing latency and allowing datacenter
performance to scale evenly when CPU architectures max out. The
company’s next-generation Z-SSD will be the fastest flash memory ever
introduced, with dual port high availability, ultra-low latency and a
U.2 form factor, designed to meet the emerging needs of enterprise
clients. Z-SSD will also feature a PCIe Gen 4 interface with a
blazing-fast 12-gigabytes-per-second (GB/s) sequential read, which is 20
times faster than today’s SATA SSD drives.

Accelerating Application Learning

A range of revolutionary Samsung solutions will enable the development
of upcoming machine learning and AI technologies. The Tech Day AI
display highlighted astounding data transfer speeds of 16Gb GDDR6
(64GB/s), ultra-low latency of Z-SSD and industry-leading performance of
Aquabolt, which is the highest of any DRAM-based memory solution
currently in the market. Together, these solutions help Samsung’s
enterprise and datacenter clients open new doors to application learning
and create the next wave of AI advancements.

Streamlining Data Flow

Samsung’s new solutions will enable not just faster speeds and higher
performance but also improved efficiency for its enterprise clients.
Enterprise products on display at Tech Day included D1Y 8Gb DDR4 Server
DRAM, which incorporates the most advanced DRAM process, resulting in
lower power usage. Samsung’s 256GB 3DS RDIMM also helps to improve
enterprise performance and enables memory-intensive servers capable up
to 16-terabytes (TB).

Additionally, Samsung’s dual-port x4 PCIe Gen 4 32TB SSD offers 10GB/s
performance. Samsung’s 1Tb QLC-SSD presents a cutting-edge storage
option for enterprise clients with competitive efficiency when compared
to hard disk drives (HDD), while KV-SSD allows server performance to
scale even as CPU architectures max out, also providing a competitive
TCO, write amplification factor (WAF) improvement and scalability.

Breaking Performance Barriers

With their leading-edge specs, Samsung’s QLC-SSD, Z-SSD and 8GB Aquabolt
help high-performance computing clients blast through performance
barriers and reach new heights. The 8GB Aquabolt provides the fastest
data transmission speed and highest performance of any DRAM-based memory
solution on the market today at 307GB/s per HBM cube. QLC-SSD and Z-SSD,
both powerful on their own, are also offered in a tiered storage
solution that results in a 53-percent increase in overall system

Enabling Future Innovation

Emerging tech requires the most innovative and flexible components.
Samsung’s SmartSSD will increase speed and efficiency, and lower
operating costs by pushing intelligence to where data lives. Movement of
data for processing has traditionally caused increased latency and
energy consumption while reducing efficiency. Samsung’s new SmartSSDs
will overcome these issues by incorporating an FPGA accelerator into the
SSD unit. This allows for faster data processing through bypassing
server CPU limits. As a result, SmartSSDs will have higher processing
performance, improved time-to-insight, more virtual machines (VM),
scalable performance, better de-duplication and compression, lower power
usage and fewer CPUs per system.

Unparalleled Product Ecosystem

Samsung’s comprehensive product portfolio with state-of-the-art
solutions set new standards for data processing speed, capacity,
bandwidth and energy conservation. By leveraging such solutions, data
centers, enterprise companies, hyper-scalers and emerging tech platforms
are able to configure product solutions based on their requirements and
develop exciting new tech offerings such as 5G, AI, enterprise and
hyperscale data centers, automotive, networking and beyond.

Samsung will continue to push boundaries in tomorrow’s semiconductor
technologies through innovations such as its sixth-generation V-NAND
built on a single structure, or with ‘1-stack technology,’ and sub-10nm
DRAM with EUV for super-high density and performance.

Experts across the industry, including Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak,
were invited at Samsung Tech Day to address the advancements and
challenges in today’s semiconductor market, and offer insights for the
future of semiconductors. More than 400 customers, partners and industry
influencers attended the event.

About Samsung Semiconductor, Inc.

Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, Samsung Semiconductor, Inc., is an
industry-leading, multi-billion dollar subsidiary of Samsung Electronics
Corporation that provides the world’s most advanced technology for
consumer electronic devices and computing platforms. Samsung’s
state-of-the-art memory, logic, solid state drives, LED components,
LCD/OLED displays, and foundry services are integrated across AI,
high-performance computing, data centers, IoT, automotive and emerging
markets. Driven by excellence and innovation, Samsung leverages its
proven expertise and leadership to develop technology products that will
shape and enhance the consumer’s future.


Samsung Semiconductor, Inc.
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