Safety Tips To Know During Your First Hurricane

Safety Tips To Know During Your First Hurricane

Living along the coast can be paradise. The beautiful blue skies, the palm trees swaying in the breeze, the towns bustling with life—taking it all in and living alongside it can be a blessing.

However, there’s also a risk of hurricanes in many places. These can cause unthinkable destruction to anything in their path. As a new resident in a coastal area, you may not know how to respond to them. So, take a look at these safety tips to know during your first hurricane.

Before and After Tips

When you hear the news that a hurricane is heading your way, it’s good to know what to do and what not to do. You should check your home to meet safety standards, know the steps to take before and after the storm, and realize when you need to leave your home.

There are many precautions you can take. Some examples include assessing whether your home is uphill, looking for cracks in the foundation for potential leaks, and checking on window durability. It’s always good to inspect electrical safety before and after a hurricane, too.

Always Stay Indoors

One of the biggest safety tips to know during your first hurricane is that you must stay indoors. Avoid going outside during the storm as much as possible. If you have kids or pets, keep them entertained while the storm occurs.

If you know anyone staying in a trailer or an RV, advise them to seek a hurricane shelter. It’ll reduce their risk of injury during the storm. Be sure to check on family members and friends nearby so that you know they’ve prepared, as well.

Listen to Evacuations

If the hurricane’s storm path is going directly towards your residence, listen to your law enforcement officers and follow evacuation procedures. Knowing where your evacuation routes are is essential to leaving quickly and efficiently. Practicing following the paths before an emergency will better ensure your preparedness and leave you less stressed when the storm arrives.

Experiencing your first hurricane can be an incredibly stressful situation. But by knowing the steps to take, you’ll conquer the fear before you know it.