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Even today in the age of air travel, ocean transport remains one of the most cost effective, and reliable modes of cargo transport. In recent years, the speed of ocean transportation has rapidly increased. This has convinced many enterprises to consider water transport as a viable option.

As competition in the sector increases, more and more players are venturing into the Ocean Shipping industry. Thus, making an informed decision is paramount in such a fast-paced market. With decades of practical experience as an international shipping powerhouse, RTM Lines is proud to sit among the frontrunners on your radar.

Our services are not limited to just ocean shipping & transport. Our offerings are many and all fall under the label of ocean logistics services. We ship multiple types of cargo such as break bulk, container, high & heavy loads, military, project cargo, and roll-on-roll-off cargo.

When it comes to international logistics, the major mode of transportation used is sea transportation. The availability of this mode is the major reason behind the flourishing of various businesses, and industries as it makes it easier for the products to reach various parts of the world.

So, whether you’re moving overseas or moving back from, shipping goods to your friends or relatives in another country, moving back after being a student in a foreign country, or shipping any large or small shipment that requires international ocean shipping, don’t waste your money on other delivery services.

We want to keep you in mind by assisting you in avoiding excessive fees, or any other mishap involving your overseas experience.

RTM Lines stands by our expertise, proud to face each day knowing we offer reliable ocean transport across a worldwide network while providing responsive, knowledgeable customer service.

When international shipping is the job at hand, there will be no cut corners. We ensure timely delivery with a focus on communication as we fulfill your request. Following the rules including maintaining required documentation/permits is never overlooked. We always welcome your reaching out to keep us posted on order changes, or to request an update on your shipment.

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