RTM Lines; International Logistics Experts

Whether your bringing a brand-new automotive import back from a foreign country, or carrying out any other ocean ­shipping contract, RTM Lines has the international logistics expertise where you need it most. As your go-to international shipping logistics company, RTM Lines spans 5 industries, and has every foreign port complexity solved many times over.

You can rely on our decades of experience resulting in our positive reputation, strong foreign relations, and repeat patrons such as yourself. As a shipping cargo logistics company specializing in both importation and exportation, we stand by our specialties including:

  • Innovative Solutions for Complex Cargo.
  • Difficult Loads to Difficult Places
  • Special Conveyance for Project Cargo
  • Breakthrough thinking for Breakbulk Challenges

Ocean shipping is a world full of complexities, each challenge paired with a solution that, if we haven’t encountered it before, we’ll find the solution promptly. When importing and exporting goods, other difficulties are inevitable, so it’s the response that matters most.

We are willing to go the extra mile, and setup conveyance for specialty project cargo that you may find yourself working with. We are ready to take on your breakbulk challenges with our creative thinking, and current-tech solutions.

When international shipping is the job at hand, there will be no cut corners. We ensure timely delivery with a focus on communication as we fulfill your request. Following the rules including required documentation and permits are never overlooked, and we appreciate your reaching out to keep us posted or to request an update on your shipment.

Still in the planning phase of your next ocean shipping cargo project? Click the following links to learn more about our specific areas of expertise. You can relax knowing that your next international shipping request will go exactly as planned.


Curious to know a few important bits of information you’ll need when requesting a rate quote? Ensure you have your dates dialed in, cargo type, measurements including total dimensions and weight. We have plenty of form-fields for you to be as descriptive as needed so we can ensure a smooth transport of your request.

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