Ron Paul Rally at UVU

As I drove from Logan to Orem to hear Congressman Ron Paul speak at the UCCU convention center at Utah Valley University yesterday, I thought back to when I first heard him speak in 2004 at the Red Lion Hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah.

My brother, Bliss Tew, had helped others to organize the event at the time. ~700 people were in attendance. Dr. Paul (also known as Dr. No for being so consistent to saying no to spending bills in Congress) was not nearly as well known at that time as he is today. Dr. Paul’s words from that evening are recorded in a DVD called “BRUSH FIRES OF FREEDOM” and available from www.shopjbs.org

Many of the predictions he made then have now come true. He warned against the ballooning debt, against inflation because of the Federal Reserve financing increasing deficits with fresh rounds of monetary inflation or printing more Federal Reserve Notes. He warned against the growth of government and the many wars our nation was involving itself in on behalf of the U.N. His fears of an economic collapse were scoffed at by many at that time. Of course, we had seen the dot.com bubble collapse, and that was followed by the housing bubble collapse, and then the bank failures developed (with the giant redistribution of wealth from the poor to the wealthy that was labeled “bank bail outs”), and, of course, the ongoing ruinous U.N. wars. All these things and more were foretold by Congressman Paul at one time or another. I find myself saying, “If only the American people would vote for this man, the best candidate, instead of being fooled into believing they had to vote for “one who can win.” If all the people who like Ron Paul had not fallen for the propaganda that said, “He can’t win” and had, instead, voted for him, he would be our next president. As it is they will vote for what they think is the “lessor of two evils”, but still a vote for something that is less than desirable.

Ron Paul has written many books packed with warnings about the path we have been on and are now on. These books are full of brilliant solutions for the major problems facing us now and in the near future. A growing percentage of the population is joining his Ron Paul Revolution as a result of people reading those books and/or getting exposed to him at campaign rallies and on the internet. See some of them here: https://www.google.com/search?q=ron+paul+books&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a Those in power in America do all they can to marginalize, vilify, ridicule, distort, and ignore his message, his presidential campaign and his followers.

Years have passed by since that meeting at the Red Lion Hotel, and Ron Paul has been proven to be prescient in the things that he said back then and even long before that night. About 5,000 people took time from their busy schedules yesterday to hear the prophetic Congressman speak at 1:30 PM. It was inspiring to see this many people take time out of their day to hear him even after his presidential bid has been derailed. The freedom movement can’t be derailed even when the mass media does all it can to ignore him. The excitement was palpable. The crowd was made up of young people, middle aged people, men, women, elderly people, and others. It was a cross section of Utahns. Most of them were excited about Dr. No’s message.

The majority of these people would agree with Ron Paul’s brilliant foreign policy ideas, his economic solutions, his love for small government and for government limited by the enumerated powers listed in the Constitution. Most of them agreed that the banksters in the Federal Reserve have too much power, that debt to them should be repudiated, that our troops need to come home from the endless U.N. Wars that are waged globally to force the “gap” nations into obedience to the new world order. Ron Paul was brilliant. He warned also of government’s heavy handed efforts to regulate, tax and control the internet, one of the few remaining ways available for people to communicate freely. His 40 year fight for freedom has been one of the most honest, consistent, principled and persistent efforts recorded in the annuls of political history.

His son, Senator Rand Paul, follows in his footsteps. It is hoped by true believers that Senator Paul will keep alive the traditions of his father, Dr. No. Here’s an example of his encouraging others to vote “no” for corporate welfare:

As my brother and I stood in line waiting to go in to hear him I passed out pocket sized copies of the U.S. Constitution, copies that I had marked “jbs.org” inside of so people would become aware of the organization that has fought for the Constitution for over 50 years. My brother was busy handing out fliers about the New American magazine, the excellent, honest educational magazine published by the JBS. Communists and liberals everywhere have done all they can to discredit that excellent magazine, but it continues to spread its readership. The people are waking up and the JBS is a key organization providing the truth that government hides.

Ron Paul will retire from Congress soon to head up the organization he started, the Campaign for Liberty. See: http://www.campaignforliberty.org/

Ron Paul’s revolution will long out live him. He taught freedom’s principals to this crowd of 5,000 people and urged them to action, to communicate the truth and message of freedom to friends, family and associates, to create change that supports the limited government envisioned by our founders and enshrined in the law of the Constitution. True believers made new commitments to freedom and left the meeting place inspired. The fight for freedom continues. Limited government and freedom are the answer to what ails America and the world today.

Watch Ron Paul’s speech at UVU here. I promise it’s worth the time:


Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

For my brother’s thoughts on the meeting read this: https://www.area-info.net/articles/show.php?cty=Orem&st=Utah&article_id=3067 See also:


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