Ro-Ro Ocean Transport Solutions by RTM Lines

Lots of cool Japanese cars are coming of age and have been cleared for export/import. Automobile transportation is a fine example of Ro-Ro cargo, or Roll-On-Roll-Off, cargo. There are plenty of other industries involving Ro-Ro cargo including, but not limited to: construction, agriculture, and continental logistics services (trucking, railway, etc.)

Perhaps you’re the one assigned to track order logistics for new lifts, and loaders for the airport that employs you. You will be working with our experts to keep tabs on and ensure smooth transport of your order.

Your experience with RTM Lines will be seamless whether you’re importing a sleek, Japanese import/export, or if your project is more commercial leaning as mentioned in the airport example above. Expect our 35 years of excellence to shine through no matter the weather.

The following examples of Ro-Ro shipping cargo should give you a sense of the type of ocean shipping RTM Lines is comfortable with:

  • Airport Ground Support Equipment
  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Automotive
  • Construction Equipment
  • Oil, Gas & Energy Equipment
  • Road Building Equipment
  • Static Cargo on Mafi’s
  • Trucks, Tractors, Trailers

When international shipping is the job at hand, there will be no cut corners. We ensure timely delivery with a focus on communication as we fulfill your request. Following the rules including required documentation and permits are never overlooked, and we appreciate your reaching out to keep us posted or to request an update on your shipment.

Still in the planning phase of your next ocean shipping cargo project? Click the following links to learn more about roll-on-roll-off cargo, and how you can fulfill your dream car desires, or your next business project:


Curious to know a few important bits of information you’ll need when requesting a rate quote? Ensure you have your dates dialed in, cargo type, measurements including total dimensions and weight. We have plenty of form-fields for you to be as descriptive as needed so we can ensure a smooth transport of your request.

When you’re ready to discuss your next international shipment, we’re more than ready to assist you. You can request a rate-quote online by clicking the link below:


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