Risk vs. Reward: The Most Dangerous Jobs in America

Risk vs. Reward: The Most Dangerous Jobs in America

Not all jobs require you to sit behind a desk all day. In fact, for some, this is part of the appeal. There are plenty of occupations that put you on the front lines—handling a few of the core components of our modern infrastructure. So, they make for the perfect chance to get some excitement out of your career. However, these roles can be incredibly dangerous, too, and it’s crucial that you understand why prior to getting involved with the industry. These are a few of the most dangerous jobs in America.

Commercial Roofers

Falls are among the most catastrophic of risks when it comes to working in the construction industry—and roofers have the highest chances of dealing with them. Whether they’re installing new roofing materials or simply performing repairs on one, workers must maneuver a space that’s well off the ground. This makes it increasingly likely that they’ll slip and plummet from their spot. While modern safety equipment works well at preventing these tragedies, professionals must be alert at all times.

Oilfield Equipment Operators

Working in the oilfields is also one of the most dangerous jobs in America because of the instability of the resource. Oil is both toxic for humans to inhale and very flammable. As such, equipment malfunctions can quickly evolve into explosions with little notice. Professionals that work in these environments are likely to injure themselves on the machines as well. Because of this, it’s recommended that oilfield workers keep an accident attorney on call so that they can get properly compensated following an incident.

Linemen and Tower Climbers

Another group of professionals to keep in mind are tower climbers and linemen. As with commercial roofers, falling is always a present issue in this line of work. Individuals in this profession even have the additional hazard of working with electrical cables. Some towers extend two hundred feet high, making the occasional slip much riskier to the entire team involved. At these altitudes, the weather provides its own set of unique hurdles to navigate. So, preparedness and following safety protocol are essential to completing a job safely.

Welding Workers

Welding presents a series of issues as well. Though many think of this job as something that’s performed in a workshop, professional welders don’t always have such a luxury. Welding is a key part of many modern construction projects—meaning that it, too, can take place high up in rafters. As such, everything from falls to burns and eye problems is commonly reported among these workers.