Richard Brookhiser Comes to USU

Critically acclaimed author, editor, and scholar Richard Brookhiser visited Utah State University on Tuesday December 4, 2012. He delivered a free public lecture entitled ??Ÿ?¦?James Madison: Father of The Constitution, Father of Politics??Ÿ?¦?, largely taken from his recently published book, a biography entitled James Madison. In his lecture, Brookhiser discussed Madison??Ÿ?¦Ÿ??s influence in the creation and ratification of the United State Constitution, as well as his lasting impact on US politics, which can still be seen today.

Following the lecture, Mr. Brookhiser had a luncheon with several students and Professors Peter McNamara and Anthony Peacock, who direct The Project on Liberty and American Constutionalism at Utah State University (The Project on Liberty and American Constutionalism hosted Mr Brookhiser??Ÿ?¦Ÿ??s visit). Students were allowed to have open discussion with Mr. Brookhiser and hear his insights on many prominent historical figures, as well as the current political situation of the United States. When asked concerning the importance of studying history and politics, Brookhiser claimed it was incredibly significant. ??Ÿ?¦?Ignoring politics won??Ÿ?¦Ÿ??t make it stop. It will simply go on without you, and eventually happen to you, so you may as well be informed so that you can do something about it.??Ÿ?¦?

Richard Brookhiser is the author of thirteen books, among which are studies of George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, Gouverneur Morris, and the Adams family. Mr. Brookhiser has written and hosted ??Ÿ?¦?Rediscovering George Washington??Ÿ?¦? and ??Ÿ?¦?Rediscovering Alexander Hamilton,??Ÿ?¦? for PBS. In 2008 he was awarded the National Medal of the Humanities.

After graduating from Yale in 1977 Mr. Brookhiser went to work for National Review where he is today a Senior Editor. His close but complex relationship with National Review founder William F. Buckley is told in Mr. Bookhiser??Ÿ?¦Ÿ??s important memoir, Right Time, Right Place. His writings on politics and culture have also appeared in the New York Observer, The New Yorker, Cosmopolitan, Commentary, Vanity Fair and other publications. For more information on Mr. Brookhiser, visit his personal website at www.richardbrookhier.com.


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