Ribbon-Cutting Event Held for New CPD Headquarters

Carrollton, Texas – The City of Carrollton held a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Wednesday, April 19 to celebrate the opening of the new Carrollton Police Department Headquarters facility.


“A new building does not make a great police department; it’s the people in the department that make it a success,” said Police Chief Rex Redden. “You can have a brand new building with all the bells and whistles, but it is the staff that provides the exemplary service and has outstanding community relations. A new facility such as this just helps make an outstanding agency even better.”


Ribbon-Cutting Event Held for New CPD HeadquartersThe budget for the project came from the 2013 Bond Program which provided $14 million to replace the former headquarters facility. In September 2015, City Council authorized an additional $2 million bringing the total budget to $16 million.


The new facility is nearly 40,000 square feet, 7,000 square feet larger than the former building. Safety was a priority during the planning process, and two new established safety features, funded separately from the bond, include fenced parking for fleet and employee vehicles, and a protective canopy that shields vehicles and officers from inclement weather.


The interior design includes energy efficient features, enhanced meeting space, and centralized work groups that encourage a collaborative environment. Video monitors are available in common areas to provide staff the ability to view events and weather in real time, and in offices so that video recorded incidents can be reviewed with staff.


“Thank you to the citizens, City Council, and City staff for making this new facility a reality,” said Mayor Matthew Marchant. “I am thankful for the work our Police Department does every day to keep this community safe, and believe this new building will enable them to do their job more efficiently and effectively.”


For more information about the Carrollton Police Department, visit cityofcarrollton.com/police.

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