Revision of Our Company’s Medium-Term Environmental Goals

Tokyo Electron (TEL) announced today a revision to its medium-term environmental goals, aiming to further reinforce the company’s environmental commitment involving its products and bases of operation.

As information and communications technology (ICT) makes great strides in modern society, the importance of semiconductor devices and flat panel displays (FPDs) is also growing steadily. While supporting the advancement of ICT through the production of our semiconductor and FPD manufacturing equipment, we are also committed to achieving the new environmental goals by 2030, in keeping with our corporate philosophy that urges us to “contribute to the development of a dream-inspiring society through our leading-edge technologies and reliable services and support.”

Changes in the medium-term environmental goals
– Regarding the Product Initiatives, the base year for measuring the reduction in CO2 emissions per wafer has been changed from 2013 to 2018.
– Regarding the Factory and Office Initiatives, the revised goals require that all TEL operating bases use 100% renewable energy by 2030, and that the total CO2 emissions be reduced by 70%—rather than the previous goal of 20%—as compared with the base year (i.e., 2018).