Retire to a Mesquite Shangri-La on a Budget

What would your vision of a Shangri-La be? Perhaps contrary to the mythical utopia described in James Hilton’s book Lost Horizon your Shangri-La would be a warm place in a more southern climate. Your Shangri-La might be a place with low rents and no state income tax, with lots of golf courses, and a low cost of living. Perhaps your Shangri-La would be close to entertainment centers and natural wonders. Does such a place exist?

The Desert Shade Apartments in Mesquite, Nevada might be just such a place. Rents are low averaging just $525/month. The apartments have been recently fully renovated. (See: Link)

The location is a kind of a Shangri-La. It’s warm and sunny most of the year. It has many fine golf courses and several casinos to provide for retirement fun. It is near all the Southern Utah natural wonders and National Parks as well as many of the exciting spots in other surrounding states. Just 40 miles south of St. George and about 75 miles north of Las Vegas its location makes it central to the fun and entertainment provided in both of those venues.

Cost of living is low in Mesquite, Nevada. There is no state income tax….zero, none, nada. It’s nice to avoid state income tax and you can do that living at the Desert Shade Apartments in Mesquite, Nevada.

Is that paradise or what?

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