Restaurant 3 Margaritas

After a long day at work, it is nice to find a restaurant that is comfortable, not too expensive and has really great food. I believe I found the place in 3 Margaritas in Richland, Washington.

I started off with a Cadillac margarita. It is their house specialty and they do make a good one. The shrimp fajitas were excellent. They were jumbo shrimp, like a miniature lobster and had great flavor and texture. The shrimp were cooked just right.

I always order chips and salsa when it is available and did so here. The salsa was not a chunky salsa, but more like a tomato paste with a nice spicy flavor.

The restaurant was clean and popular. It was decorated like a Mexican Cantina with a large lounge and was just the ticket to brighten things up after a long day.

3 Margaritas is located at 627 Jadwin Avenue, Richland, Washington, (509) 946-7755.


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