Lincoln Public Schools classes begin Monday, August 14


Lincoln NebraskaCity officials today advised Lincoln residents to preview their driving routes to avoid delays on Lincoln Public School’s (LPS) first day of classes, Monday, August 14.  Residents can monitor street projects online at lincoln.ne.gov (keyword: closures).


The following road construction projects have been identified as potentially impacting back-to-school traffic from August 14 to 31:


General commuter routes:

  • N. 27th Street from Arbor Rd. to Wildcat Dr. – restricted to single lanes of traffic.  Both the entrance and exit for I-80 remain open at that location. (Lincoln North Star)
  • N. 27th from Dan to North View – northbound outside lane closure for pavement repairs. (Lincoln North Star, Campbell Elementary, Dawes Middle)
  • N. 70th from Colfax to Fremont – southbound outside lane closure for water main replacement. (Pershing Elementary, Mickle Middle, Dawes Middle, Lincoln Northeast)
  • S. 9th and S.10th streets between South Street and Van Dorn – lane closures for water main and stormwater work. (Saratoga Elementary, Humann Temporary)
  • S. 16th Street between “A” and “F” streets – reopened to one-way southbound traffic. (McPhee Elementary)
  • S. 17th Street between “G” and “A” streets – restored to one-way, northbound traffic (McPhee Elementary)
  • 17th and “A” streets – temporary roundabout has been removed and the traffic signal is reactivated. (McPhee Elementary)
  • S. 27th from Calvert to Laurel – southbound lane closure for water service relocations.  (Irving Middle, Rousseau Elementary, Beattie Elementary)
  • S. 70th from “A” to Van Dorn – both northbound and southbound lane closures for street light replacement. (Lincoln East, Morley Elementary, Seacrest Activities Complex)
  • S. 70th at “L” Street – both northbound and southbound lanes closed (500 feet north and south of “L” St.) for water main replacement.(Lincoln East, Seacrest Activities Complex)
  • Pine Lake from 14th to 22nd streets – westbound lane closure for private paving and utilities. (Lincoln Southwest, Scott Middle, Adams Elementary)
  • Superior from 33rd to 48th streets – both eastbound and westbound inside lane closed for pavement repairs. (Lincoln North Star, Campbell Elementary, Dawes Middle)
  • Yankee Hill Road from 70th to 84th streets – closed to through traffic while appropriate markings, signing and street lights are put into place.  Workers will remain in the area for finishing touches after the roadway reopens.  Delays may be expected.  StarTran will offer a booster route in the afternoon to accommodate the needs of students north of Hwy. 2. (Moore Middle)


UNL routes:

  • N. 33rd Street from Holdrege Street to Huntington Ave. – closed. (East Campus, Clinton Elementary, Hartley Elementary, Culler Middle)
  • 10th Street from Sun Valley Blvd. to Military Rd. – 10th Street bridge over Salt Creek is closed. (City Campus)
  • 17th Street from “Q” to Vine streets – restricted to one lane northbound. (City Campus)
  • 16th Street from “Q” to Vine streets – converted from one-way southbound to two-way traffic. (City Campus)


Other local school routes:

  • Sumner from 53rd to 56th streets; Oldham from 53rd to 56th streets; 53rd from Oldham to Sumner streets – closed to through traffic for water main replacement work. (Holmes Elementary)
  • Coddington from Pioneers Park entrance to W. Van Dorn – closed to through traffic for safety improvement project.  (Beattie Elementary, Roper Elementary)
  • Fremont from 66th to Touzalin Ave. – closed for water main replacement (Pershing Elementary)

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