Residential Yard Waste Collection Ending

The final week of Yard Waste collection will be the week of December 10, 2018 (December 10th – 14th).

The yard waste collection program is now extended longer into the year. Residents can now set out yard waste for collection through the week of December 10th. Yard waste will continue to be picked up weekly, on the same day as trash pickup, by Peoria Disposal Company (PDC).

Why is the collection period extended? The residents of Peoria asked for it. Residents wanted a longer collection season so it will start earlier and go later into the year. Yard Waste collection will resume the week of March 18th, 2019.

A few details about yard waste collection:


  • Acceptable yard waste includes grass clippings, tree limbs and/or branches, and
  • Personal containers must be marked as “Yard Waste Only” and should not exceed 45 gallons in size, with two handles, and a tight-fitting
  • When filled, compostable bags should be able to support the weight of the material inside, whether it’s wet or dry (30-pound maximum).
  • Make sure your container is three feet away from your trash and recycling
  • Please tie bundles with nonmetallic cord, such as twine, keep them less than five feet in length, and less than 50
  • Yard waste cannot be mixed into the regular
  • Residents are encouraged to use their own container for yard waste instead of City of Peoria trash carts. Why? By using the City of Peoria trash carts for garbage and a separate container for yard waste, it prolongs the life of the City’s cart (and therefore reduces expenses).

Any cans, bags or bundles which do not meet the above requirements will not be collected. PDC will not remove yard waste after the designated trash collection day the week of December 10th.

PLEASE NOTE:   The all brown trash carts with the City of Peoria logo are being used by some people for yard waste. We aren’t going to stop residents from doing that, but it is discouraged because using those carts for yard waste actually shortens the life of the carts (usually the loads are very heavy and limbs can do damage to the interior) and, as assets of the City, we would like those carts to have a long life. We also understand, however, that many residents already use them for this purpose and we don’t want to restrict them.

For more information, please visit www.PeoriaPicksUp.com or contact PDC at (309) 674-5176, option 1.


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