Request for Proposals for Legal Assistance on Water Rights Issues for Seattle Public Utilities

The City Attorney’s Office of the City of Seattle issues this Request for Proposals (“RFP”) for the provision of legal services to the City on water rights issues.  Firms or Persons responding to this RFP are referenced herein as Proposers.


          RFP Released ————————————– January 9, 2020

           Deadline for questions ———————— January 15,

          Proposals due ————————————- January 23, 2020, 5:00 PM PDT

          Interviews (at City’s option) —————- Week of January 28-31, 2020

          Selection———————————————- February 3, 2020


While the duties of outside legal counsel will vary over
time or due to changes in circumstances, it is expected that those duties may include
the following:

  • Advise
    the City regarding the most effective and appropriate ways to engage the
    Department of Ecology in the processing of pending and possibly future water
    rights applications.
  • Advise
    the City regarding potential risks and opportunities related to future water
    supply and the preservation of the City’s options into the future.


The City is seeking outside
legal counsel with the following qualifications:

           Experience providing legal services to public water systems
regarding the management of their water rights portfolio.

           Expert knowledge of and experience with the Washington Water Code, RCW Chapter 90.3, and associated regulations governing the water rights application process.

All Proposer communications
regarding this RFP must be directed to the City’s representative named below:

William C. Foster


[email protected]