Reports of Individual(s) Using False Identity in Community

We would like to make the public aware of recent reports of false identity. The reports state that there are individuals who give the impression that they are staff from the Unified Government’s Appraiser’s Office and have been seen taking photos of property. When asked to identify themselves, the individuals have driven off.
We want residents and the public to know that the Appraiser’s Office has staff in the field all year conducting property inspections and will always wear a badge identifying their employment with the Unified Government. Our personnel’s ID badge will have the UG logo present and they will most often be in a marked city/county vehicle.

Upon arrival at each home, staff is required to knock on the front door, identify themselves and ask permission to measure and photograph the exterior of the home along with any other structures located on the property. If no one is home, a yellow door hanger/questionnaire is left on the front door of the residence and staff will then proceed with collecting exterior data.

While on the property, they will be checking characteristic data, measurements and condition of the property. An interview will be conducted with the property owner or resident, if available.  For safety purposes, staff is NOT ALLOWED to enter the interior of a property except by appointment only.

We want to thank the residents for sharing their concerns with us. By working together, we can help ensure the safety of our community as much as possible. If there is any cause for concern, please do not hesitate to contact the Appraiser’s Office directly at (913) 573-8400.Remember, if there’s an emergency, please call 911.

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