Renting for Sundance Film Festival During Covid-19

Sundance Film Festival 2021

The Sundance Film Festival is coming up in a few months. According to their website, the festival will be held January 28 to February 3. People from all over the country will come to Park City to see the movies, documentaries, and awards ceremonies. Those people will be needing a place to stay and demand always seems to outpace supply. People have found there’s a lot of money to be made in temporarily renting out their homes to visitors. If that’s your plan, now’s the time to start prepping.

Covid Complications and How Renters Should Deal With It

Covid doesn’t just affect the film festival. It also effects the people renting out living space for visitors. If you’ve rented out your home before, you’re probably already familiar with the insurance needs, and other basic legal stuff. If it’s your first time, you should probably check with an agent to see if your house is good for it. There are a lot of legal requirements to renting out a home to consider and you want to make sure you meet them.

For those who’ve already done this before:

Cleaning For Rental

You’re primary concern for renting will be cleaning and sanitizing your property. The CDC has its general guidelines on the topic, but here are some of the most important things to consider.

1. The Cleaners Should Be Clean

When hiring a company to clean up your property, make sure you talk to them about the guidelines. They should make sure that they wash their hands and use impermeable, disposable gloves. They should avoid touching their face during the cleaning. Gloves should be disposed of after use and hands washed immediately after gloves are removed. Finally, cleaners should make sure to properly ventilate the property during and after cleaning.

Make sure the company you hire has the appropriate cleaners for the job and that they are aware to do extra sanitizing procedures for all high-touch surfaces. These include tables, doorknobs, and light switches, among others. The CDC has a list of cleaners for use in cleaning up Covid-19.

2. For Your Guests

Not only do you have to get your property clean, you have to make sure your guests can keep clean themselves. To do this, provide them with everything they need. Make sure you have plenty of hand sanitizer and antibacterial soap for them to use. You should also stock up on tissues and toilet paper. Additional antibacterial cleaners for household use are a good idea as well.

furniture3. Furnishing

Furniture also has to be cleaned and sanitized. Each type of furniture you have will require different cleaning methods based on the materials they’re made from. Upholstery.com has some good guidelines for cleaning furniture. Alternatively, many renters will remove their furniture and use a different set for guests when they rent. This may be a good option to go with. You won’t have to worry about your guests infecting your furniture while they’re using it, and you won’t have to spend time cleaning it up before you rent. If that’s the case, you might need to rent space at a storage facility to hold your furniture while the place is being cleaned up and guests are staying there.

Know The Rules

These days, there are so many to rent out your home temporarily. There’s Air BNB, Vrbo, and other companies help facilitate renting your properties out and each one will have their own cleaning guidelines they expect you to follow. If you rent through them, check to make sure you know what they expect. Additionally, if you’re a member of Vacation Rental Management Association, they have their own voluntary guidelines that you can download.

Sundance Is A Go!

Despite the outbreak, things are still going forward. This includes the Sundance Film Festival. They’re taking every precaution to keep people safe this year and so should you. There might be more money to be made in renting your home to visitors this year than ever before. Since hotels cannot fill up to full capacity to avoid breaking with health and safety guidelines, there might be an increased demand for other housing options. People might just prefer renting out their own building rather than hotels anyway, just to avoid crowds. If you’re looking to take this option, it could be quite lucrative.

Just don’t forget: it’s your responsibility to make sure your rental property meets health and safety guidelines.