Remote Work as an Extrovert: Surviving Work From Home

Remote Work as an Extrovert: Surviving Work From Home

For the extroverts whose companies have announced they’ll be staying remote for the foreseeable future, things may seem hopeless. However, more doors are opening up with opportunities for people to reclaim their ability to socialize! If you’re doing remote work as an extrovert and are desperate to find methods for surviving work from home, look no further.

Get Out of the House

If you get your energy from being around other people, do what you can to step out of the house and work elsewhere. As coffee shops open up to dine-in customers again, you can bring your laptop and spend your day in a public space. Shared workspaces are also emerging alongside the remote work trend. There, remote workers across industries meet up in public to simply enjoy having coworkers again!

Be the Virtual Event MC

Even if you aren’t face-to-face with your coworkers, you can still set aside time for great hangouts and fun conversations. Take the initiative and organize virtual chat sessions at regularly scheduled times. You can also lead lunch clubs or even organize after-work virtual events! Thankfully, digital browser versions of party games are free and easy to play when you and your team have a minute to connect.

Make It a Workcation

If your company allows it, consider incorporating travel into your remote work schedule! Leaving the state to explore national parks and hole-in-the-wall eateries between shifts can take away some of the weight of being alone all day if you’re an extrovert. For the truly adventurous, it’s nice to explore some countries that are welcoming remote workers to visit! The workweek won’t seem so isolating when you’re spending it along the seaside in sunny Barbados.

While it may seem impossible to survive working from home as an extrovert, there are many ways to make life outside the office fun again. Do what you can to step away from the desk for a while or re-engage your coworkers! While not every gig will allow for a ton of sanity-saving activities, don’t forget to make time for the social interactions you need.