Relatively Speaking: Generation Gap

Relatively Speaking is a throwback to another time in the world of genealogy. These are anecdotal stories to inspire those who search for their ancestors. Although, many of these stories are from before the world of computers and certainly the age of the internet, I believe that all of us have benefited from serendipity in our research.

Generation Gap

From the will of William Jackson, probated December 1832, Northampton County, NC:

?????? ??????? I lend my daughter Sally Ann Jackson one-half of the tract of land where I now live ??????? which will contain the house ??????? providing she does not marry David Langford ??????? I also lend to my daughter Sally Ann Jackson until she shall marry David Langford, one negro woman, Mary, one cow and calf, bed and furniture, walnut table, one gray horse, one ewe and lamb. But, if she never marries David Langford I give and bequeath the above named property to her and her heirs forever. But if she should marry David Langford, the above named property is to be equally divided among my (other) daughters ?????????????

A marriage bond dated 20 July 1833 was issued to David Langford and Sally Ann Jackson and they are among those enumerated by the census taker in 1850.


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