Relatively Speaking: Belated Family Reunion

Relatively Speaking is a throwback to another time in the world of genealogy. These are anecdotal stories to inspire those who search for their ancestors. Although, many of these stories are from before the world of computers and certainly the age of the internet, I believe that all of us have benefited from serendipity in our research.

Belated Family Reunion

I am writing to express my appreciation for your help in locating my half-brother and sister, Joe Foley and Flossie Foley Eldred. My ad appeared in the Question Box in the December issue, and on December 31st I received a letter from my sister. It is a wonderful story.

Orlando Foley married Addie Johnson in Michigan in 1888. When Joe was five years old and Flossie thirteen months, their mother died. The grandparents took Joe and her mother?›ƒ?ªƒ?›s sister took Flossie. Orlando went west to join his brothers and married Lillie Walrath in 1902. I was born in 1905. It was thought best not to uproot the children in Michigan, as my father had contracted tuberculosis and died in 1909. My mother remarried and we went to live on a farm in Oregon, losing track of the Foley family except for an announcement of Flossies?›ƒ?ªƒ?›s marriage.

I had tried for many years to trace Joe and Flossie without success. The letter from Flossie told of an old friend in Tennessee reading the ad and writing to a friend in Lakeview asking if Flossie Eldred was still alive. The Eldred family was well known, and Flossie and Fay had recently celebrated their Golden Wedding. Flossie is seventy-six and Joe is eighty and they live within a few miles of their birthplace.
We have not yet met, but have been exchanging letters and pictures. They said they had often wondered what had become of their little sister.


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