Recycling Comes to Downtown Flagstaff

Have you ever wished you could recycle while out and about in downtown Flagstaff? Well, now you can! The City of Flagstaff has begun installing new recycling and trash bins throughout downtown. Over the next month the City will replace all existing trash bins north of Route 66 and between Humphreys and Agassiz Streets with the new bins that allow residents and visitors to dispose of their trash and recycling.  


Until now, there were only two recycling bins in Heritage Square and the surrounding downtown area, preventing Flagstaff residents and visitors from disposing of the significant amount of recyclable material that accrues in public spaces. Recycling infrastructure in public spaces like Heritage Square is important because much of individual waste production occurs outside of the home.


According to Terry Madeksza, Executive Director of the Flagstaff Downtown Business Alliance, “we’re so excited to have these new bins. They look great and address the high demand from our visitors and residents for recycling in public spaces!”


McKenzie Jones, Sustainability Specialist, echoed this sentiment, “in addition to expanding recycling in public parks and recreation centers, this project is part of a larger effort to make the City of Flagstaff a leader in recycling and waste prevention.”


With the 36 new trash and recycling bins, residents and visitors will be able to recycle their plastic bottles, aluminum cans, newspapers, and more. To learn more about what is recyclable in Flagstaff, visit our new mobile-friendly recycling guide at www.flagstaff.az.gov/recycle.

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