Recognizing & Responding to the Signs of the Times

Recognizing & Responding to the Signs of the Times – A Community Health Collaboration is sponsoring two special guest presentations at the Logan Tabernacle on September 14th & 21st.

Hope Within Despair – Sarah Menet will be speaking at the Logan Tabernacle on Saturday, September 14 at 6:00 pm. She will talk about her near death experience and answer questions from those who attend about her experience.

Sarah shares her story with others to bring hope and certainty to those who have lost loved ones, those whose life is full of hardship and those who wonder what will happen at the end of their life. Her message is that there is a God, that life has purpose and meaning even in tragedy and that life continues after death.

When Ye Shall See All These Things – Roger K Young will speak at the Logan Tabernacle on Saturday, September 21st at 6:00 pm following his participation in the North Logan Emergency Preparedness Fair. He will speak about recognizing the sequence of events of the last days as recorded in ancient and modern scriptures and the writings of current day prophets and his belief that by knowing what the signs and sequences are, we can be prepared to respond to the coming events.

In a Latter-Day Saint Conference in 1990, Roger was challenged to not just read the scriptures but go into the scriptures in detail. His study (a compilation of 100 stapled pages) caught the attention of others who wanted to have a copy of his work lead to the publication of a book titled, “As A Thief In The Night,” which was a best seller for 8 months in 1995 at Deseret Book. Another of his publications, “When Ye Shall See All These Things,” was another best seller for 5 months at Deseret Book as well.

These presentations are intended for Adult Community – Non-Denominational Audiences and Admission is Free!

It is our hope that the community will appreciate an opportunity to meet and to discuss issues that affect us collectively and individually and that these activities will be the impetus for other types of presentations in the future.

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