Raising Capital, Guaranteed

Alaina Rupe

You may have heard of crowdfunding and know of similar ways to raise capital for your business, but then what? How do you properly manage that money and turn it into the growth you desire?

New laws allow companies of all sizes and phases to have much more access to capital without having to rely exclusively on close friends, accredited investors or the traditional public markets.

With ISM, our goal is to help you create the business of your dreams, assisting your growth and success, every step along the way. ISM is currently the only capital and investment company that offers a beginning to end solution for your business to actually hit your desired milestones.

With ISM you can:

  • Learn how to raise capital,
  • Pay off debt to past investors
  • Maintain full ownership of your business
  • Acquire other competing businesses
  • As well as have the opportunity to pitch your business idea on ISM’s TV Show, America’s Real Deal.

See where you fit in and contact me to get started.

  1. Entrepreneurs with Start-Ups ~ This phase is for companies that are just getting started. With ISM, you can raise capital at this phase of your business through a Pre-Formation Agreement. We guarantee that when you set up a meeting with 40 members of your clients, family, and closest friends, we will raise at least $30,000 for you during that meeting. Who else will guarantee that they will raise money for you?
  2. Revenue-Generating Entities ~ This phase is for companies that are already making money. With ISM, you can raise capital at this phase of your business through a Private Placement Memorandum (PPM). We help you, as the Business owner to maintain control of the PPM.
  3. Successful Companies ~ This phase is for companies with $1,000,000 or more in annual sales. With ISM, you can raise capital at this phase of your business by going public through a Reg A+ Mini IPO. Going public on Main Street allows you to be in a clean market with more options as your business continues to grow. ISM can also help you smoothly acquire competing businesses at this stage, to increase your growth and success.


I have been involved with publishing and marketing for the past 32 years. My passion is helping people share their voice. I am able to do this through two important venues: One, with Area-Info.net where people can share everything from opinions to events to news. It is your choice! What do you want to share? Two, through a new program called America's Real Deal I am involved with to help business owners get their voice heard.I schedule speaking engagements with community groups and business groups to share my passion about the importance of "sharing your voice".Contact me directly at lee@leeeverton.com for scheduling information.

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