Rainbow Over A Star ~ Part II

Rainbow Over A Star . . .Part II ~

As John pondered, branches were being blown from the nearby trees and bushes. Leaves were flying through the sky. It wasn’t an average windy day, it was a legendary storm and a storm that would never be forgotten by the birds that endured. If John wanted to find a safe home for his mate and the eggs, he had to act. And acting rather quickly would be a good idea. He knew it was one of the riskiest ventures he would ever set out on. However, he also knew he had no other options.

“Please come back,” Stacey loudly while pondering what John was doing. She huddled near her eggs. “It won’t be safe to be left alone here, for long.” She also knew, however, there were no other options from her standpoint. What could she do? Nothing. That was the best decision.

John eagle was tormented by the decision to leave. He not only heard Stacey??Ÿ?¦Ÿ??s concern, he sensed it. A bird with talent has that sense. They know all about danger. If at all possible, they avoid it. “I’ll return as quickly as possible,” John screamed. “Hang on. Everything will be okay.” He squirmed when he shouted out the message to Stacey. He shedded a feather. A white feather.

There was little chance that things were going to go as well as John had made Stacey feel while he promised. The brewing storm had both of the eagles a bit fearful, but nothing scared either of them more than having their eggs exposed to the environment of a strange nest. Life as a bird was really difficult. John wasn’t sure he liked it.

Stacey panicked as she contemplated the arrival of whatever built the nest. What would she do if the other bird came while she waited for John? One thought led to another and a tight feeling built up in her chest. It wasn’t long before she couldn’t believe she had let John leave. He was out there in the middle of nowhere, trying to find a way to get her eggs to the barn. Danger lurked. There was anxiety having placed the egg on the ground. Some security was felt from having it in a nest.

They knew there were scavengers somewhere in the area. Stacey could smell their scent through the blowing wind. As she looked towards the sky, a sudden gust blew the feathers on her neck, and her eyes were filled with dust. She had to squint hard to see through as the stinging sensation of needles pierced the skin below her feathers. It seemed like evil had surrounded her. The skies were not fitting for flight. There was nothing to do as she looked over the ground. She did however, notice ~ power lines.

A high pitched whistling noise came from the hanging wires. It added a sense of fear to the blowing weeds and the furious skies. Stacey also heard an occasional crackling noise off in the distance. Somewhere, the electric cords on the poles that surrounded the farm were throwing off sparks. This was not something she was familiar with.

Moments later, a noise in the thicket of the swampy bushes stole her attention from the crackling sound of the blowing wind. It was an invader. Whatever it was, it appeared to be a very large invader. Something was headed towards the nest where she had laid her eggs.

(to be continued) . . .


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