Qualities To Look For in a Dog Boarding Service

Qualities To Look For in a Dog Boarding Service

Whether you’re leaving your dog behind while you take a vacation or searching for a lavish way to pamper them, you should choose a dog boarder or hotel that you can trust. You won’t be there to make sure that they treat your dog properly and do everything correctly, but if you search for a service with great credentials, you won’t need to worry so much.

Feel more comfortable by knowing exactly which qualities to look for in a dog boarding service. You’ll ensure that your pup is in good hands.

Plenty of Time To Play

You don’t want to bring your dog to a boarder that doesn’t allow them to socialize and play with the other dogs. Most dogs don’t enjoy being alone—they need plenty of time with other dogs and humans to keep themselves entertained while they’re separated from you. Choose a boarder that provides both indoor and outdoor playtime to its residents. Make sure that it’s supervised playtime; no one wants their dog getting into fights due to negligent dog keepers.

Full Transparency: Do They Let You Visit?

High-quality dog boarders will often allow their clients to visit before signing their dogs up for a stay. You should be able to see everything you need to know about the dog boarding service for yourself while you’re there. The business owners want you to feel comfortable leaving your dog in their care and should do everything in their power to soothe any worries or concerns.

Try looking at other dogs that are staying at the boarder to get a good feel for how the business treats them and how comfortable they are. Take a peek at their living quarters and play areas to see how clean they are—cleanliness is an excellent indicator of how healthy the dog hotel is.

No Kennels, No Cages

While it may seem like a luxury to search for a service with no kennels, it’s one of the most essential qualities to look for in a dog boarding service. Your dog shouldn’t be in a cage their entire stay, especially when many boarding services have small, fully furnished, stable-sized rooms for their residents. The furniture comforts dogs and reminds them of the things they have at home, which can ease their separation anxiety.

Caring for lots of dogs is no easy task, but any boarding service that takes shortcuts isn’t worth your money. Keep the quality of their service in mind when you choose a location if you want your dog to love the time they spend away from home.