Put Government On A Spending Diet

Individuals and businesses have learned long ago that when times get tough they cut spending and consumption. Individuals and businesses in past centuries learned to live on a budget, as bailouts were not as common as today. It is true that some individuals and businesses will borrow in order to spend beyond their incomes for a time, but they can only do that so long as they have not reached the limits of their borrowing.

Unlike individuals and businesses who in past centuries tried to live somewhat within their means, our federal government sees no bounds to its spending. It worries not about reducing its spending even during tough times. It has forgotten (if it ever knew) the meaning of frugality or thrift. Of course government is made up of its leaders who make the decisions. The majority of them no longer apply thrift to their decisions. (see: Link)
Even though millions of Americans are concerned about the deficits and about the future commitments our government has made and is making they have been unable to get the government to reduce spending. Why is that?

Could it be that there are so many people feeding off government now that it is politically impossible to reduce the spending? Government employees, welfare recipients, borrowers (school debts and housing debts), foreign governments, unions, schools, state, local and county governments, and others who receive earned or unearned benefits from the federal government hold powerful sway over the spending decisions that are made. As a voting block they may now outnumber those who prefer limited government.

Now that over half the people have bought into socialism (the forced redistribution of wealth???????theft), it????????s hard to out vote them. They are bleeding the host dry, not to mention they are borrowing everything they can from other countries and from the Federal Reserve as well.
The liberals in both political parties seem to believe that there is no end to the money the government can tax, borrow, and create to deliver the promised utopian cornucopia to their voting minions. They seem to see no negative consequences to debasing the currency, running up gargantuan debts, and taxing the producers into poverty.

Do you wonder how they can be that blind, shortsighted, and foolish? Is it simply that they are ignorant and/or apathetic or is it that they are evil? For some of them it may be all of those things. Do they love economic lies that help them to deceive themselves into believing that they can remain dependent on others even if the help they received is gained through force and coercion? Have they become the masters of sophistry, lies, deception, rationalization, and manipulation? Have they grown into a massive tyranny that persecutes those organizations and individuals who have the boldness, courage, faith, and commitment to stand against them?

Now there is a move to create an Article V Convention (Con Con) to rewrite the Constitution or at least to amend it to prevent these huge deficits and to balance the budget. A Constitutional Convention will have unexpected consequences if the liberals take it over which is highly likely. A balanced budget amendment will not solve the problem either. If passed it will either be ignored or it will result in such a high tax rate as to kill the economy. If the liberals won????????t allow spending cuts, but they must balance the budget then they will have to raise taxes and borrowing. Both of these things have terrible consequences.

The answer for our economic survival is government spending cuts. Politically this is difficult when so many voters have given up on morality and are happy to plunder their neighbors. Who will volunteer to take less from government? Which group will step up and say, ??????We????????re now ready to become self reliant.??????? Which group will ask to be defunded?

Until the bulk of individual citizens begin to believe that it is their individual responsibility to take care of themselves and to become self-reliant things will not change for the better. Until Americans as a group repudiate socialism and start focusing on taking care of themselves and their own families, things will get worse and worse.

The liberals have taught us that the American people have a right to free healthcare, free housing, free food, free education and other free unearned benefits from government. They fail to acknowledge that it????????s not free. Money is taken from taxpayers, from loans, and from simply printing more money in order to provide the promised largess. This pathway they have us following has historically always lead to economic failure, misery, increased lawlessness and tyranny. Already this bad fruit is showing up in America.

America is rapidly abandoning the principals, truths, traditions, and laws that made us the envy of the world. No wonder we are failing so badly and so rapidly. If we miss the old America, and we hope for a new prosperity we must return to the ideas embodied in the concepts and principals of self-reliance. Socialism breeds corruption.

It????????s time to downsize government and put it on a big spending diet. It????????s time to cut, cut, cut government spending at all levels. It????????s time to repudiate the debt to the Federal Reserve and start to print Treasury Notes instead of Federal Reserve Notes. It????????s time to back our money with silver and gold as required by the Constitution. It????????s time to tell your Senators and Congressmen every day that it????????s time for them to eliminate extra-Constitutional programs, departments, and spending. It????????s time to become extremely politically active or it????????s time to lose your freedom, and your prosperity. We can choose freedom and prosperity or poverty and chains. Which will you choose to support? Sitting on the sidelines is the same as supporting the dark side.

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