Publishers Clearing House (PCH) SCAM!

HOLD ON TO YOUR MONEY! I'm writing this following a call from a supposed Publishers Clearing House Representative calling me at home.

The first clue this was a scam was when I looked at the caller ID it gave a local number……435-735-????. I didn't say anything to the young lady on the phone about the odd local number. Odd because PHC doesn't have a local office.

I was told how lucky I was and that I was on the List of Finalist for the $5000 dollars a week for life. I've since found out that PHC is offering a prize of $7000 a week and not the $5000 a week. I had seen that and that made me think better of this too.

Next I was asked what I would use the money for and I new I'd use anything extra towards my youngest sons' education since he has a disability he's dealing with.

I'm told that it was a great answer…….ok so it is. Next…..I'm thinking.

"What is the credit card you use most?"  Ok, I'm now on full alert.  I say which one and immeadiately tell the young lady that I don't give credit card data out over the phone as we've been scammed before through other means and I wasn't about to start that process all over again.

"I'm sorry sir then I can't help you!"  and I'm thinking, no, you can't help yourself to our funds and wreck our financial standing and hard won credit due to a stupid msitake like giving it to you to destroy!

What you should know!
I attempted to call PHC to let them know someone was dirting their name. Well, that was a futile attempt as the numbers they have on their website(s) are all atomated and keep going through sub routines and routes that never lead to a real person. Some one must have more patience than I to do it. Get to a warm flesh and blood person that is.

I won't say anything more about PHC other than go to Wiki and check them out. You will be suprised I'm sure.

The scammers in my case are real and use real people to make their calls and use real people to defraud of their funds.  I gave the local sheriffs office the caller ID number but I'm sure that number is a rerouted number from another number.

It should be made clear to anyone taking a call from PHC that they do not solicit money or subscriptions over the phone. That insist that it all be done on paper without exception. You are not requred to pay for subscriptions or anything else to recieve a notification or a prize.

The conclusion is to KEEP YOUR FINANCIAL and PERSONAL INFO TO YOURSELF! Don't EVER give to a person unknown to you, over the phone or on the internet anything that would endanger your credit, credit card or bank accounts.

If you do you will have put everything you financially have up for grabs.  Correcting a problem caused by a few seconds lapse in judgement is very long lasting, expensive and very, very time consuming.  If you have any doubts, DON"T DO IT and expect to have a nice nights sleep.

Don't forget to share this info with anyone over 55 as they are generally the priority targets of this type of scam, but realize, anyone will do if they can talk you into it.

The Fraud Hotline for the real PCH is 1-800-392-4190 be patient and try again if they drop your call. Currently phone problems.

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