Public artwork installation underway at Meacham International Airport

Artist Kipp Kobayashi is installing original artwork at Meacham International Airport.

Commissioned by the City of Fort Worth through the Fort Worth Public Art program,the artwork consists of 800 “paper airplanes” fabricated out of stainless steel and painted to look like folded paper.

Each airplane is individually suspended from the ceiling of the new three-story atrium at Meacham International Airport. Each airplane form is suspended on three fine stainless steel cables. The small airplanes soar whimsically through the atrium like a flock of birds.

There are five unique airplane designs, each representing a different style of aircraft. The reference to the movement of birds in flight is further reinforced as some of the forms appear almost birdlike.

The artist’s work conjures imagery of students folding up their school work to toss into the air on the last day of school. The presence of the artwork adds an element of playfulness and levity to the airport’s newly-renovated administration building.

Artwork installation is estimated to be completed by Aug. 22. A dedication of the artwork is planned for this fall.

Based in Los Angeles, Kobayashi has created projects and presented ideas for cities across the nation, for such organizations as the Getty Museum, the Bay Area Rapid Transit District and the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority. He teaches in the Urban and Regional Planning Department at the Cal Poly Pomona School of Environmental Design.

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