President Obama May Start World War III by Attacking Syria

The constant drumbeat of war rhetoric from the Obama White House seems to foretell an unprovoked attack by our country against Syria. Syria has not attacked the U.S., but our President is preparing for war against that country. He loves to expand the U.S. involvement in Middle Eastern war to Lybia, to Afghanistan, to Pakistan, and now to Syria and potentially to Iran, Russia and China. This president LOVES TO MAKE WAR. (See:15 Signs That Obama Has Already Made The Decision To Go To War With Syria: Link)

It does not seem to matter to our Nobel Peace Prize winning President that the American people do not want this war, Congress does not want this war, China and Russia have warned the U.S. not to attack Syria, and that there is no U.N. support for the U.S. to do so. Our war mongering President Obama seems hell bent on waging war against Syria regardless of the fact that he has no right to declare war or wage war against a country that has not attacked or threatened to attack the U.S. Only Congress has the Constitutional power to declare war. Syria poses no threat to our national security; so there is no Constitutional reason to attack them.

For the war mongering President Obama to attack Syria is to risk war with Iran, Russia and China. Our bankrupt nation cannot afford another war (see: Obama, Nobel Peace Prize Winner Expands Middle East War Link) Russia has warned that it would be a tragic mistake for the U.S. to wage war on its ally, Syria. (See: Russia Warns It Would Be A Tragic Mistake for West to Attack Syria Link). China has issued a similar warning. (see: China Warns West Against Using Force in Syria Link)

Will the citizens of the United States stand by and allow our war mongering President Obama to single-handedly start World War III? It is very possible that his moves against Syria could bring us to war with Iran, Russia, and China. This would precipitate a global disaster for humanity and for freedom. Our exhausted troops are not prepared for such a war. Our broken, bankrupt economy can not afford it. We may not be able to finish such a war as victors. We will be out manned. Our President has been disarming the U.S. and reducing our nuclear arsenal as he prepares to plunge us into WWIII. What insanity this is. Meanwhile China is building a huge armed force.

When will the citizens of the United States demand an end to waging war in the Middle East. Let them have their wars if they must. We don’t need to be involved in all of them. (see: Imagine No More U.N. War Link)

There is no obligation for our country to act as the world cop and involve itself in every civil war around the world. Doing so is a prescription for disaster and may end the U.S. as we know it. Our constant war making around the world is not only bankrupting the United States, it is rapidly enlarging the ranks of people and nations that hate us. It’s time to change and begin waging peace.

See: Red Lines and Last Stands Link See: Congress Should Veto Obama’s War Link


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