Preparing your home for the inevitable winter

We all laugh and joke about Boston’s weather and how quickly it can change within a matter of minutes.  On any given day we can go through three to four seasons within a matter of hours. For instance, you can wake up to fall-like weather where the temperature is low 60s and overcast, then jump to spring where the sun is trying to peak out and the temp is slowing rising to high 60s, almost 70s.  As you hit mid-to-late afternoon, we move to summer where the sun is shining brightly and the temp has reached a muggy 75 degrees.

Although we joke about Boston’s weather, Inspectional Services wants to remind property owners to get ahead of the winter.  As fall is steadily creeping upon us, we would like to provide you with a few tips to help you prepare for the winter. The “heating season” officially begins on September 15 and runs through June 15.   During this time, heating facilities must heat habitable spaces at a minimum temperature of 68° degrees during the day from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m., and 64° degrees in the evening from 11:01 p.m. to 6:59 a.m.

Tips to help prepare your home for winter:

Plumbing and Heating System:
  • Property owners – keep an emergency list of licensed contractors (electricians, plumbers, and general contractors)
  • Keep service plans handy in case of emergency
  • Check your oil furnace filter
  • If heating by oil, never run out of fuel
Make your homes energy efficient: 
  • Disconnect water hose from the home
  • Wrap or cover exposed spigot
  • Caulk or putty windows
  • Ensure kitchen and bathroom dampers close properly
  • Close all storm windows and doors
  • Apply weather stripping
  • Properly insulate all pipes that are exposed
  • Cover vents


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