Pray For Global Warming

This morning as I woke up and saw more fresh snow in the mountains, and as I felt the cold temperatures outside I thought to myself, “It’s time to start praying for global warming.” I’ve been waiting thirty years for the promised global warming, but it never seems to get to us in Logan, Utah. Every winter it’s too cold and there’s too much snow.

Later this morning I shared a ride with a Toyota driver and another Toyota customer while I was driven back to my place of work. We had a lively discussion about the “global warming hoax.” The other Toyota customer was an intelligent woman who has completely swallowed the global warming propaganda, hook line and sinker. She is a true believer of global warming and that humans are destroying the planet. She was horrified that I was a “global warming denier.” Thank heaven we still have some freedom of speech in the United States. I think she would have liked to have shut me up. Nothing I said even dented her faith in human caused global warming or in her fear that we’re all going to roast to death if we don’t all reduce our carbon footprints. (Of course, we all know that there need to be some, like Al Gore, who are exempt from reducing their carbon footprints. He needs to be able to fly his private jet. And our would be masters like Nancy Pelosi need to fly their government jets too.) This lady in the car was full of blind faith in the global warming propaganda. It was sad to see.

The constant, decades long drumbeat of global warming hysteria and propaganda that we’ve been hearing from “scientists”, from the U.N., from our own government, and from the environmental extremists being pumped out of our educational system for decades has all been for naught as the global warming still hasn’t arrived. It’s recently been reported that the globe has actually been cooling for the last 15 years (Link).

Regardless of the fact that the globe is cooling we continue to hear dire warnings from all the PBS stations (government propaganda stations) about global warming. Regardless of the global cooling we are experiencing, our Congressional legislators and our state legislators continue to work to pass ridiculous laws and regulations to force us all to have smaller carbon footprints. Obama and Gore and friends continue to push us towards their hysterical, nonsensical carbon tax plans. Anyone who studies the real reasons behind these plans will find out that the reasons are simple cronyism. These politicians are helping their friends to get rich on their green initiatives. Then there are fat kick backs for the politicians that play global warming ball (Link).

Climategate I and II should have already debunked this global warming hoax. The hysteria and fear that are intentionally created are simply designed to get us to give up our rights, give up our property and to live poor so the governments can live richer. Don’t believe the global warming hoax.

Barry Sussman, renowned climatologist had it right in his original book, Climategate (Link), this human caused global warming is a hoax. Personally I’m ready for the global cooling to end and the global warming to start. It’ll be good for the crops and great for extending life expectancy (some believe that people in cold climates don’t live as long as those in the warm climates–bring on the global warming).

Will the liberal environmental extremists please tell us what temperature they want to set the climate at? I’m voting for 72 degrees myself. That will be pleasant. I hope they’re not trying to get us to 50 degrees or less. We all hope there are not any unintended consequences from human beings trying to muck with the global temperature. They usually screw up when they try to play God. Their pride tells them they can do it, but they could be wrong about that and their medicine could be worse than the global warming they fear. Pray for Global Warming. If we all pray for it, we might actually get some. Friends, the fact is, the sky is not falling, and humans are not causing global warming. Don’t join the hysteria. Keep your heads. Remember, chicken little was wrong.

See: Global Warming Proof is Evaporating: Link

See: Roy Spencer, PhD– His website: Link


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