Pocatello Street Operations Dept. Wraps up FY 2016 Pavement Management Program

Pocatello IdahoPaving in Fiscal Year 2016 is in the books for City of Pocatello Street Operations Department.


On September 30, crews put the finishing touches down, marking the end of the City’s pavement management program for the fiscal year. The department utilizes an arsenal of road rehabilitation options, including microsealing, fog sealing, chip sealing, and up to fully paving a road. In FY 2016, workers were able to treat or replace 33.2 of the 265 miles of street in Pocatello.


“It’s all about putting the right treatment on at the right time,” Michael R. Jaglowski, PE, Public Works Director said. “For example, if we place a microseal or a chip seal down exactly when the asphalt needs it, we can extend the life of that road by several years, ultimately saving taxpayer dollars.”

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In 2015, the department commissioned a pavement condition study that assessed the health of every mile of road within the Gate City. After the data was analyzed, it showed that Pocatello’s roads scored an average of 71.51 on the Pavement Condition Index (PCI). A PCI score is the condition rating of roads and is based on a scale from 0 to 100. Roads scoring 0 to 40 are considered poor, 40 to 60 are fair, 60 to 80 are good, and 80 to 100 are very good. After the efforts in 2016, the department was able to nudge the score a bit higher to 72.83.


“By getting a detailed analysis, it allows the City to come to data driven conclusions,” said Tom Kirkman, Street Operations Superintendent. “Raising our PCI score shows that we weren’t just able to keep up with maintenance but were able to get ahead and improve the overall health of roads in Pocatello.”


For more information on the Pocatello Street Operations Department, visit pocatello.us/street.

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